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Attention: People Dreaming of Casino Woodbine Career Eye September 5

Toronto’s gaming scene is a vibrant one with quite a diverse landscape to experience. Woodbine Racetrack also strives to achieve excellence through Casino Woodbine and the extended potential it has. The beginning of September would see a special event dedicated to the gaming expansion on site and the preparation ahead of job fairs.

Costi Toronto Employment Services is going to host the special informative conversation on September 5. Job fairs could be a challenging situation to put yourself into, but they are also the crucial first step that could change one’s life.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone could lead to good things down the road even though it might not be the most pleasant experience at first. Costi Toronto Employment Services wants to help people prepare for their bright future at Casino Woodbine starting this September.

More Info on Casino Expansion

The special gathering would shed more light on the gaming expansion at Woodbine Racetrack and everything that people are curious to know about it. Preparing for Success at Casino Woodbine Job Fair would focus on making the best of job interviews that would seek people for the new casino venue on site.

Up until now, people might have struggled with the information available. The special session would aim to solve this issue with plenty of information on the gaming expansion that would happen at the racetrack.

Projections are that the new gaming offerings would result in up to CA$31-million annual allocations to the city coffers, eventually fueling various local projects, beautification work, and charity organizations. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation made the estimation that could transform the field and Woodbine Racetrack’s operation down the road.

More people would make their way there, eventually driving forward the racetrack. It could be recalled that the city issued 21 conditions that must be met by the future expansion project, including boosting tourism and providing jobs. At least 40 percent of the individuals working there would have to be locals.

September 5 Rapidly Approaches

This condition also clarifies that local social agencies have to power the hiring process of said 40 percent, bringing us back to the informative congregation of people. It would offer more details about the full-time and part-time positions that would be available part of the gaming expansion. People would have the chance to learn more about the growth opportunities provided by the future casino location.

Moreover, they are also going to receive an accurate evaluation of their chances. Probably the most important factor of this session is going to be the mock interviews taking place. Potential employees will have the chance to experience a job interview that a Woodbine job fair could have on offer. The real-life experience will have then prepared for the real deal once it takes place.

In addition to that, attendants of this event would also receive information about the scheduled hiring events in the foreseeable future, so they have time to prepare. The entire session is scheduled to last several hours, starting at 10.30 a.m. and extending to 12 p.m. ET. Last September saw Woodbine Casino seek people to grab positions such as table games dealer, dual-rate table games supervisor, administrator table games, cage and coin cashier, as well as cage supervisor.