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Woodbine Racetrack Casino Will Welcome More Players Thanks to New GO Station

Woodbine Racetrack is well on its way to becoming one of the heated gaming locations in Toronto area with the help of the gambling expansion approved this April. Now it has been confirmed that everyone interested in participating in some of the various gaming activities available on site will be able to do it even more conveniently with the help of the new GO station overseen by Metrolinx in the vicinity.

Accessibility of any project is of utmost importance and this is especially valid for casino venues where gambling enthusiasts should find it easy to go. Woodbine Racetrack is projected to benefit immensely by the brand new GO rail station which is going to be located close to the renown race course.

New GO Station Could Attrach 14,700 Daily Commuters

Kitchener is known across the area as one of the seven train lines of the GO Transit system. It is utilized by individuals from the Greater Toronto Area on a daily basis thanks to its convenience and a large number of stations. With a total of 12 of them, people find it convenient when they make their way around the area. It extends from Union Station in Toronto to Kitchener providing a quick and easy access to vital locations on its way.

Woodbine Entertainment CEO Jim Lawson stated that this move is a mutually beneficial step for the parties involved and thanks to the construction of the new station, more people will be able to make their way to the race course featuring many gaming options as well. As a result of the construction of the new station, another one is going to be demolished – the one situated in Etobicoke North district of Toronto.

It is located some two kilometers away from the planned location for the new GO station and this move is going to directly affect about 625 individuals using the railway services on a day to day basis. In the meantime, the new station in the Woodbine-Highway 27 area is expected to draw approximately 14,700 individuals using it regularly for their commute.

Casino Expansion Well on Its Way

Recently the Metrolinx board had to consider ways of approaching this new project and discussing the strategies for its future development. What was established as the most efficient approach was for Metrolinx to utilize the potential of the private sector in order to finish the project.

Third parties are also going to be included in the construction work, further solidifying the market-oriented approach. The new station making it easier for locals and people from around the area to make their way to the casino venue and the premium racetrack is estimated to cost anywhere between CA$92 million and CA$117 million to Metrolinx.

It could be recalled that the months of April saw a long-anticipated approval, as the City council of Toronto gave its nod to a gambling expansion taking place on site of the racetrack. As a result, Woodbines Racetrack, a facility for thoroughbred and standardbred racing, is set to turn into a full-fledged casino, hotel, and entertainment complex.