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British Columbia Buses Play Central Role in Lottery Winners Latest Stories

Lotto MAX winners across Canada celebrate their windfalls in various ways but all of them start at the same spot – at the prize claim center. This was the starting point for several brand new lottery winners that bagged their prizes recently.

Lottery wins are among the most exciting events in a person’s life, as they are never expected and people are often dumbfounded by the happy event. August 27 was a special day for Mr. Curle hailing from Mississauga, as this is when the winning draw took place.

The added bonus of Lotto MAX called Encore is there for a reason and many players make the best of it, by adding it to the overall gaming experience.

Jackpot Winners Galore

This was a game-changer for Mr. Curle, as he became eligible for a solid CA$1-million windfall and it is a significant one, even though it adds CA$1 to the overall ticket price. British Columbia was another lucky province, as it recently congratulated several new lottery winners for their good fortune. Arlana Morse and James McLauchlan both hail from Surrey and they spend a lot of time together.

This is because of their job, as both of them are bus drivers helping people make their way around the city in the most efficient and affordable way, but also because they are a couple. The two of them celebrated their recent cash prize amounting to CA$1 million. It is a guaranteed prize coming with the regular Lotto 6/49 draw, proving that matching all numbers of the Main prize is not mandatory for a cash windfall at the end of the day.

The Lower Mainland bus drivers succeeded in matching the 10 numbers needed for the Guaranteed Prize draw on August 24, essentially making each of them eligible for a bagful of CA$500,000. They took their time to come to terms with the prize, evaluating all options ahead of them.

Lotto MAX, 6/49 Offer More

For the time being, the two of them have decided that early retirement would fit well in their plans, as it would also make it possible for them to travel more. Their kids are also about to benefit from the windfall and have good education down the road.

Buses played a significant role in the next British Columbia winner’s story, as he learned the good news en route. Adrien Malebranche is well-acquainted with the Vancouver traffic, so he made sure to have the winning BC/49 numbers printed ahead of the ride, as he wanted to check them. He did so at the Express News Tobacconist, where he had purchased the winning ticket earlier.

Mr. Malebranche said that he has always used the very same numbers, as he considered them lucky enough for a grand windfall. His CA$2-million prize is going to fund his dreamed condominium purchase. In addition to that, the winner also wants to make a trip to Florida and reunite with his family. Meanwhile, a Lotto MAX CA$50-million jackpot remains unclaimed over the past couple of weeks.