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Chances Chilliwack Embraces Diverse Gaming despite Polarized City Council

Chilliwack’s gaming scene is about to become even more vibrant, as the region is on the verge of a gaming expansion that was recently approved. The City Council voted and decided that Chances Chilliwack could do with six table games added to it.

This is projected to make the location more appealing and introduce premium gaming such as Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and Four Card Poker on the premises of the gaming hall. Every casino venue should aim to achieve excellence and make its offerings as appealing as possible.

This guarantees a steady flow of casino patrons that, in turn, increase the gaming revenue generated on a quarterly basis. Thanks to the particular sharing agreement inked with every host community, this gaming revenue brings benefits to it, in the form of regular allocations.

City Council Votes 3-2

At the end of every quarter, local officials bag a cheque with a certain amount that should be reinvested in the community. Such is the case with Chances Chilliwack, overseen by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation.

This week saw a milestone vote that has the capacity to change the local future and make the casino an area hotspot. City Council voted 3-2 in support of table games at the gaming hall in the foreseeable future.

According to the arrangement that would soon come in effect, as many as six live dealer tables are going to be introduced to the gaming location. This would make possible for local players and people hailing from neighboring communities to participate in Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and Four Card Poker activities on a regular basis.

The six premium table games are going to diversify offerings, as there are currently 301 slot devices installed on the floor. Chances Chilliwack is also able to meet player expectations with its premium bingo equipment that makes the venue a preferred location every week. The two City Councilors standing against the proposal were Coun. Chris Kloot and Coun. Harv Westeringh.

Money Laundering Concerns Expressed

The two of them highlighted gambling addiction as a possible outcome of this gaming expansion, as Chilliwack residents have not been offered the chance to participate in an apprehensive study. It should be taken into account, that Great Canadian Gaming listens to its players and introducing table games has been among the highly demanded expansion moves for Chilliwack. Chuck Keeling, Vice President of Stakeholder Relations and Responsible Gaming, confirmed this.

Casino patrons are willing to make their way to Langley or other community featuring this type of gaming, which means that their cash is not reinvested in Chilliwack. Such a flow fails to reach 48 local charity organizations benefitting from revenue allocations. Over the past seven years, they have bagged CA$2.7 million, with CA$641,444 over the past fiscal year only. Projections are that new table games would result in a 10-percent gaming revenue jump.

Coun. Bud Mercer expressed money laundering concerns for Chances Chilliwack, stating that the table games could place the town on criminals’ map. Kevin deBruyckere, representing British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s Legal, Compliance, Security Division, stated that this is more likely to happen with a potential introduction of high roller gaming such as baccarat. This fall is about to welcome the new table games.