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Pancakes and BBQ at Chances Casino Abbotsford Attract Fundraising Enthusiasts

Casino venues have many ways in which they could help their host community and boost its development. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is among the avid supporters of all charity organizations and ideas, which is evident by the annual fundraising events taking place in Abbotsford.

The local Chances Casino recently held its traditional food bank fundraising event that exceeded expectations. Just like every year before, for the eighth time in a row, the month of July is ready to step up its game and give more to the community.

The annual food bank fundraiser taking place at Chances Casino Abbotsford took the area by swing and managed to offer considerable support to the Archway Food Bank of Abbotsford. This year was a special one, as the event managed to exceed all expectations and previous projections when it comes to the proceeds amassed.

Fundraiser Surpasses Expectations

What attracted people to the event was not only the supporting role they would have to the good cause but also the delicious food welcoming them in the morning on Canada Day. Everyone interested had the chance to enjoy a full-blown pancake breakfast free-of-charge.

All they had to do is bring a non-perishable item and donate it to the good cause. This transformed the morning into a great festivity for all early birds ready to support the food bank in Abbotsford as soon as possible.

In order to extend the gathering all the way to the evening, organizers were ready to offer a vibrant barbecue afternoon on site. Red 21 Tap + Grill made sure to deliver its best performance and elevate the entire experience. This part of the event featured a price tag.

Individuals had to pay some CA$6 for their presence there and the delicious barbecue. In return, they received a hot dog or a burger, in addition to chips and a drink. All proceeds amassed during the afternoon barbecue congregation are going to go straight to the food bank and support its future operation.

More than 3,000 People Benefit

What should be taken into account is that this year will go down in history as the most successful food bank fundraising event up until now. A total of CA$1,785 was amassed during the special event and this amount of cash set a new record for the food bank. It should be taken into account that the event has been in progress for eight years and up until now it had never surpassed this amount.

In addition to the cash generated as a result of it, the event also amassed some 1,000 pounds of food that would be utilized by the organization and delivered to people in need. For reference, the food bank has been able to amass more than 3,000 pounds of food up until now, meaning that for a single day the event managed to attract nearly one-third of the eight-year overall record.

More than 3,000 individuals benefit from the support sprinkled across the community. Gateway Casinos is ready to support the fundraiser and offer its casino venue as the location which would attract the largest crowd.