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Chilliwack Worries Proposed Table Game Expansion Is Money Laundering Magnet

Every gaming venue willing to step up its game is looking for various offerings to implement in its portfolio. Great Canadian Gaming is among the leading casino operators in Canada that want to see this happen at Chances Chilliwack in the foreseeable future.

August 20 is about to see a special meeting that would discuss gaming expansion on site and ask locals whether they would enjoy the introduction of blackjack, poker, and Texas Hold’em to the already existing offerings on site.

Gaming facilities have many ways in which they could boost their host community, one of them being the regular gaming revenue allocation they offer to the city coffers. Bigger crowds on the premises of the casino result in better gaming revenue and better allocations at the end of every quarter of the year. Great Canadian Gaming Corporation wants to boost operation at Chances Chilliwack, which could easily happen with the addition of table games.

Chances Chilliwack Could See Expansion

According to the existing Gaming Control Act, introducing changes such as the addition of new table games at a casino calls for mandatory consultation with the local community. The public input would be necessary for the casino operator if it wants to see changes at Chances Chilliwack and it only makes sense.

Locals would be the first individuals to feel the change and the potential impact of added popular table games to the likes of poker, blackjack and more. This could trigger concerns regarding problem gambling rates surge on a regional level and crime rates increase.

In order to make the entire process as transparent as possible and ensure that people support the decision as well, Great Canadian Gaming would have to host a public consultation on the subject. In order to stick to the established procedure, the casino operator had to take into account the position of local government such as Fraser Valley Regional District and First Nations located in the area.

August 20 Seeks Public Input

The next step would be the public input, allowing locals to express their position on added table gaming. The official meeting is scheduled to happen on August 20 and it would shed more light on the prospects of poker at Chances Chilliwack. This week saw Coun. Bud Mercer express his concerns that the expansion could draw unwanted dirty cash, especially in the light of recent money laundering discoveries.

British Columbia has been notoriously linked to money laundering practice facilitated by its lax regulations and field monitoring. The addition of table gaming concerned local officials, worrying that this could also attract an unwanted crowd of people. In a sense, this would put Chances Chilliwack on the map of criminals seeking money laundering opportunities, something entirely new for the small gaming hall.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation stated that the expansion would meet local player expectations seeking more diverse gaming. Approval would mean not only expansion of the offerings, but also a reconstruction of the casino floor that would welcome six table games, potentially increasing their number down the road. Last fiscal year brought some CA$2.04 million to the city coffers and expansion is projected to increase this amount.