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Cascades Casino Chatham Soft Opening Welcomes Effervescent Crowd

Cascades Casino Chatham welcomed its first casino patrons this Tuesday and transformed the area into a more appealing location in an instant. July 16 was pinpointed as the soft opening of this casino complex overseen by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment and the attention to detail was evident throughout the entire venue.

Fusing family-friendly offerings with Las Vegas gaming diversified the brand new location. Preparations for the soft opening of this casino venue extended over the past half a month, preparing the venue for its first customers excited to see what the hype is all about.

Cascades Casino Chatham is here to stay, an intention evident by the lavish venue and everything it has on offer. Hundreds of locals and individuals from the Chatham-Kent region made their way to the casino venue and eagerly anticipated the afternoon hours.

Official Launch Ceremony on August 8

The soft opening was scheduled to happen at 5 p.m. this Tuesday following almost a year of construction and furnishing of the facility. Work on site came to an end at the beginning of this month and ever since then the gaming floor and the dining areas have seen finishing touches.

Gaming experts on site were making sure that all devices work in the most efficient way possible. This guarantees premium Vegas-style gaming that would keep people coming back for more and associating Cascades Casino Chatham with trustworthiness.

A crowd was gathered in front of the building ahead of time and there were more than 150 individuals curious to see everything around the venue. As soon as the doors opened, everyone rushed inside in an attempt to take everything in.

Gateway Casinos’ main goal in its continuous operation across three provinces is to make everyone feel welcomed at every casino complex. Regardless of the level of involvement with gaming, if at all, people should feel at home amid the family-friendly, entertainment, and gaming offerings available at every casino. Such is the case with Cascades Casino Chatham and its 45,280 square feet of space.

Gateway Casinos Dresden Saw Last Day of Operation

Match Eatery is about to change locals’ life and reshape Chatham-Kent’s scene with its exquisite cuisine and something for every palate. It features an outdoor patio, as well as a schedule with many live events and renowned musicians, bands, and stand-up comedians. The live performance scene in Chatham is about to become a much more vivid one in the upcoming months, as live events are announced.

Gaming offerings are also a main selling point for the CA$36million casino venue and many people would find them appealing. The casino area comes with 300 slot machines, half of which relocated from the recently closed Gateway Casinos Dresden at Dresden Raceway. In addition to those devices, the floor also offers 10 table games for a more diverse experience.

According to Rob Mitchell, Director of Communications and Public Affairs with Gateway Casinos, there is still work that needs to be done ahead of the official launch ceremony on August 8. This soft opening would be helpful for the future operation on site, as it offers a snapshot of Chatham’s excitement for the new location.