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Cascades Casino Chatham is Ahead of Schedule Preparing for July 1 Launch

The new casino venue in Chatham could be ready to welcome its first casino patrons just in time for Canada Day on July 1, according to the most recent update coming from Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. Construction of the new location commenced in July 2018 and ever since then it has been in progress making an attempt at finishing construction work in less than 12 months. Council members were invited for a special tour on site showcasing the current progress.

This summer is a highly anticipated one for the community of Chatham-Kent as it is projected to see the launch of operation of a brand new casino venue with premium offerings provided by Gateway Casinos. Cascades Casino Chatham is going to cost an overall CA$36 million to its developer and this is expected to bring a significant surge of interest towards the area. Ever since the groundbreaking ceremony last July, work on site at 615 Richmond Street has been moving at a steady pace in order to meet previously set deadlines.

Casino Launches Less than 12 Months after Groundbreaking

President and Chief Executive Officer Tony Santo arrived in Chatham to make the presentation possible and shed light on the project. He made it clear that the casino project is ahead of schedule and this comes as a result of the excellent communication between the casino operator and Chatham-Kent municipality. Three months before groundbreaking Mayor Darrin Canniff and Mr. Santo revealed that Cascades Casinos Chatham will become reality soon.

Mr. Santo pointed out that ever since the beginning stages of development of this project showed that there would be an efficient collaboration between them and the results are visible now. Up until this point the project has been veiled in mystery, as only construction workers have been able to see what the venue would look like, but this week saw a special tour organized by the casino operator willing to showcase what workers have been able to accomplish.

This week on their agendas were some finishing touches to the exterior of the building, making sure it aligns well with the existing theme of other Cascades Casinos, as well as Chatham’s existing architecture. BLT Construction Services is the firm that guarantees for the timely construction of the casino facility. Robert Principe, Project Manager of the firm said that next month the final stage of construction should commence.

Job Interviews Are already in Progress

This last portion of the construction and finishing touches are projected to last around four months, targeting a Canada Day launch. With this move, the national day of Canada is expected to become even more exciting and filled with entertainment offerings. The initial plan for action was for the casino venue to welcome its first patrons around August 15, but now that the project is ahead of schedule July launch seems feasible.

Casino operation will provide up to 200 individuals with full-time permanent employment, a promise the community is looking forward to. People would also have a local premium offering, instead of traveling all the way to Gateway Casinos Dresden which is about 32 kilometers away from Chatham. Workers at that venue will have the chance to relocate to the new facility. Cascades Casino Chatham would come with some 45,280 square feet of gaming floor.

As many as 333 slot devices and 12 gaming tables will be sprinkled across it. More family-friendly offerings would bring the signature dining experience of MATCH Eatery & Public House and The Buffet. Said restaurants are preferred by individuals having no interest in gambling whatsoever, meaning that the new venue aims to please all.