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Lotto Max’s Jackpot Comes at CA$70M in Next Round

Lotto Max is once again offering life-changing prizes, as the jackpot in the game remained unclaimed after the most current draw. This means that the main prize will remain as the whopping CA$70,000,000 for the next drawing of the game on Friday, July 25, 2023. In addition to that, there will be plenty of Maxmillions up for grabs as well.

As one of the most popular lottery products across Canada, Lotto Max offers some of the hottest prizes, as its jackpot can reach a staggering CA$70 million, as is the case for the next draw. Additionally, the game also offers Maxmillion prizes, which appear after the jackpot exceeds CA$50 million, and each of those comes at the handy CA$1 million.

Another Exciting Draw

According to Canadian lotteries, no ticket holder was able to match all seven winning numbers for the jackpot during the last draw on July 21, 2023. Therefore, the CA$70 million mega prize will be carried over to the next draw. Meanwhile, the winning numbers in the previous draw were 04, 08, 14, 25, 28, 40 and 41, and the bonus number was 06.

Now, players will have another go at the life-changing prize, as the next draw for the nationwide draw-based game will be Tuesday, July 25, 2023. Tickets for the game can be purchased at one of the many authorized retailers across the country, and online via one of the provinces’ regulated iGaming platforms, depending on one’s location.

While there was no eligible ticket for the mega jackpot, last Friday’s draw still awarded some cool windfalls in both six and seven figures marks. Five of the 20 Maxmillions from the draw were claimed by Ontario and Quebec players. Furthermore, four other people matched six of the seven numbers and took home over CA$371,000. One of the tickets was in Nechako Lakes, B.C.

Ticket Worth CA$70 million Expires

Speaking of CA$70-million prizes, in June the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation reminded its players that a ticket worth just that was about to expire. The ticket was purchased in Scarborough for the June 28, 2022 draw of the game, and was set to expire 52 weeks later. This is due to the deadline set by provincial lotteries for claiming a lottery winning.

Shortly after the deadline, OLG said that the ticket will most likely remain unclaimed as it was not validated through an OLG terminal. It was revealed that the Crown corporation received more than 1,100 claims from people saying that they have lost the ticket. If a winner is not found, then the jackpot will be put in future draws of the game.

The Crown agency explained that due to the high number of lost ticket claims, one of its dedicated teams of lottery investigators would need to take the necessary time to review all of the made claims before the deadline of June 28. After a thorough process of assessment has been conducted by its experts, the Crown will provide further updates on the winning.

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