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CA$70-Million Lotto Max Ticket Stays Unclaimed

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has recently reported that a ticket worth CA$70,000,000 from Lotto Max has now expired as the winner failed to claim it in time. This major windfall dates back to the June 28, 2022 draw of the game, but the 52-week deadline has arrived with no winner at sight. The prize will now go to future prize pools.

Lotto Max is one of the most popular games when it comes to lottery across Canada with its hefty payouts and two draws every week. Its jackpot can consolidate to the amazing CA$70,000,000, while also offering Maxmillions. These prizes appear once the main prize reaches CA$50 million, and each of those comes at the cool CA$1 million.

Jackpot has Now Expired

This month, the OLG issued several statements to remind players about the expiring CA$70,000,000 ticket bought in Scarborough, Ontario. Its deadline came at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 28, 2023, but no ticket has been validated at an OLG terminal. Hence, the prize has expired and will be put into future prize pools confirmed by the Crown agency.

Recently, OLG shared that after the start of its awareness campaign for the winning ticket began, it received more than 1,100 calls from people who claimed to have lost the ticket. In its latter press issue, the Crown Corporation said it was committed to always paying the right prize to the rightful owner of the winning ticket.

However, OLG noted that due to the high number of lost ticket claims, one of its dedicated teams of lottery investigators would need to take the necessary time to review all of the made claims before the deadline of June 28. After a thorough process of assessment has been conducted by its experts, the Crown will provide further updates on the winning.

To conclude its statement, OLG explained that if the major prize remains without a winner and unclaimed, then the money will be returned to players via bonus games or promotions in future games. It was also reported that the winning numbers for June 28, 2022 drawing of Lotto Max were 08, 19, 22, 41, 42, 46, and 47, as well as 10 a Bonus number.

Another CA$70 Million Claimed

Approximately a year later, Canada witnessed another win of a CA$70-million jackpot in Lotto Max. This time the June 6, 2023, draw recorded two winning tickets for the main prize. The first one was in Ontario with Jay Jayasinghe claiming half of it or CA$35 million. With the windfall, on purchasing a new home for his family, finance his daughter’s education and travel.

Meanwhile, the other half of the mega jackpot went to a Victoria couple in British Columbia. The winners Debbie Ramsay and her husband Lahsen Rezrazi recently obtained their share of the prize at a BCLC office. Thanks to the reward, they can now make some of their dreams come true, such as going on a long-awaited trip to Venice and buying a house on the ocean.

Source: Rodrigues, Gabby “$70M Lotto Max ticket not validated and has expired, OLG saysGlobal News, June 29, 2023