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OLG Warns CA$70M Winning Will Soon be Invalidated

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has recently issued a statement to remind local players that a major Lotto Max winning is just a few weeks from expiring. This is in relation to a jackpot win from the June 28, 2022 draw of the game, which to this day remains unclaimed. Time is running out for the ticket holder, as its claiming period will expire on June 28, 2023.

Lotto Max is a nationwide lottery offering adored by many players for its impressive rewards, which is drawn twice per week. The jackpot for the game can reach a maximum of CA$70 million which is the case for the aforementioned unclaimed winning from Ontario. Once the jackpot is above CA$50 million, there are also multiple Maxmillion prizes up for grabs.

The Winner is Yet to Emerge

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Crown Corporation, Tony Bitonti said it was not unusual for a lottery winner to take their time and wait a couple of months to claim their windfalls. However, the case of the June 28, 2022 jackpot is coming to the wire and he believes that it is quite concerning, as the holder has just over a month to come forward and claim it.

According to OLG, the winning ticket which is eligible for a CA$70 million jackpot was bought at a lottery retailer in Scarborough. Mr. Bitonti shared that the Crown had tons of information about the ticket but not much on the winner, as the store did not have surveillance video. If the windfall remains unclaimed, it would be the largest uncashed one in the Canadian lottery’s existence.

That is why the Crown Corporation is urging lottery players to check places where they usually put their tickets. It could be in clothing pockets, personal accessories such as purses, in their cars’ glove compartments or sun-visors, kitchen, bedroom or office drawers. For comparison, the winning numbers for the jackpot were 08, 19, 22, 41, 42, 46, 47, and 01 as bonus.

OLG said if one thinks they have lost the ticket, then they can contact the Crown agency to answer a series of security questions to determine if they are in fact the missing winner. And if the CA$70-million ticket remains unclaimed before the June 28, 2023 deadline, the money will be then returned to players via future bonus games or promotions.

CA$70-Million Jackpot Club

However, if the winner is found, then they will join the club of other lottery players who have been lucky enough to win a CA$70-million jackpot in Lotto Max. This was the case for the 54-year-old Manoharan Ponnuthurai who won such a prize in the December 17, 2021 draw. The Brampton resident came into possession of the windfall by opting for the Quick Pick option for the draw.

Another one who has joined the club of winners of a CA$70-million jackpot is Marcel Lussier who lives in Brossard, Quebec. His story is a special one, as he claimed the ticket in the same build he used to work, as he was previously employed at Hydro-Québec. With the money, he wants to give back to local communities and go on a cruise with his wife.

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