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Colleagues from Ontario Share Huge Lotto Max Prize

As reported by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation a group of Ontario colleagues is one of the winners of a Maxmillion prize. The group of co-workers has been playing the lottery together for a long time before fate smiling upon them and their luck finally paying off in the Lotto Max game this summer.

The Lotto Max game is one of huge popularity in Canada. It has two draws every week, with one on Thursday and the other on Friday. Also, it offers prizes of huge amounts to its players, as the main prize can reach the whooping amount of CA$70,000,000. Once the jackpot reaches a certain amount, draws for the game offers several Maxmillion prizes, each worth CA$1 million.

Team Effort

As reported by the OLG, the winning group of winners consists of a total of 13 co-workers from Ontario who will now share the impressive prize of CA$1,000,000. Besides, the winning Lotto Max ticket for a Maxmillion prize, the long-term lotto playing group has also won CA$2 from their Encore selection and accumulating total winnings of CA$1,000,002.

The hefty prize will be now split between James Stewart of Beeton, A-Bau Thong of Brampton, Andrew Ennos of Whitby, Antonio Galardo of Toronto, Baney Persaud of Brampton, David Chanthaphone of Toronto, George Pagiatakis of Toronto, John Morrison of Newmarket, Paul Torresan of Caledon East, Stephen Browne of Barrie, Susan Slade of Ingersoll, Tony Watton of Innisfil and Werner Kehlbreier of Mississauga.

On behalf of the group, Mr. Stewart appeared at the OLG Prize Centre to claim the Maxmillion prize. The married father of two said that the group was extremely excited to learn about winning the prize, as they have been playing together for over a decade. He also said that some of the members are already contemplating spending the money on new cars, others want to take a trip to Italy, and he just wants to pay the bills and renovate his house.

Winnipeg Player Wins Big

Additionally, this week someone from Manitoba has been drawn as the winner of the Lotto Max jackpot. The draw on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, determined that a Winnipeg ticket holder is now CA$20 million richer. The winning numbers were 1, 24, 26, 29, 30, 45, and 50. The bonus number was 5. The next draw on Friday, August 27, 2021, will feature a main prize of CA$10,000,000.

Friday 13th Winning

Previous, set of Lotto Max jackpot winners includes a ticket holder from Quebec, reports the Crown corporation. This was announced in the middle of this August, and the identity of the lucky lotto player is still not known. Friday, August 13, 2021, turned out to be quite the lucky date for the Quebecer, as the numbers 01, 14, 17, 20, 28, 32 & 38 determined his ticket as the winning one.

CA$65 Million Richer

Jansen Ng from East Gwillimbury has also benefited from Lotto Max, as the 41-year-old former military member has won the July 6 jackpot of the game. His winning is estimated to be over the staggering amount of CA$65,000,000. The winner revealed that he bought his ticket at Marina’s Express Mart on Leslie St. in Sharon, and he already has some big plans for the winnings. Mr. Ng intends to help out other fellow veterans and many charity organizations.

Source: Neufeld, Abby “Ontario co-workers split winning Lotto Max ticket after more than a decade of play”, CTV News, August 26, 2021