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Quebecer is the Next Lotto Max Millionaire

The new week in Canada comes with a new lottery millionaire, as reported by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. According to the Crown, last Friday’s Lotto Max jackpot has been acquired by a ticket holder residing in Quebec. The agency urges every lotto player to carefully check their tickets and contact them about calming the prize.

Lotto Max is a fan-favorite draw-based game in Canada, with two weekly draws, one taking place on Tuesdays, and the other on Fridays. The game provides huge cash prizes as participants can win the main prize that can reach the life-changing amount of CA$70,000,000. Along with the jackpot, players can also be drawn as winners of a Maxmillion prize, which is the impressive CA$1,000,000.

Quebec Lotto Winner

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation reported that last Friday’s Lotto Max draw has been quite beneficial for one Quebec resident. The lucky ticket holder is now CA$15,000,000 richer, however, he or she is yet to contact the agency about claiming the winning. Be sure to check all of your Lotto Max tickets for the Friday draw.

The last draw determined 01, 14, 17, 20, 28, 32 & 38 as the winning combination for the main prize, and number 6 was the bonus one during the round. The Crown agency informs that the jackpot for the next draw of Lotto Max on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, will reset to its initial amount of the still-impressive CA$10,000,000.

One Maxmillion Prize

The Crown corporation has also revealed the identity of another recent winner from the Lotto Max game. Thanks to the June 22, draw of the draw-based game, Amin Najjar Mojarrab who is a real estate agent from Thornhill is now CA$1 million richer as he was lucky enough to be drawn as a winner of a Maxmillion prize.

Mr. Mojarrab purchased his soon-to-be-winning ticket at Circle K on Bayview Ave. in Richmond Hill and he was shocked to see the big number when checking the ticket. He was quick to call his wife to share the tremendous news with her. The winner said that there is plenty of opportunities ahead of him with the big prize and he will take his time deciding how to spend his winnings.

Previous Set of Lotto Winners

A while ago, the OLG revealed the former military member Jansen Ng as its latest multi-millionaire emerging victorious from Lotto Max. The winner arrived at a Crown’s office to claim his generous cheque of CA$65,000,000 and even shared some of his plans for the major winning. He will treat himself with a new electric car and has big plans for the money as he plans to help out fellow military veterans.

Gary Hill from Kamloops also saw his life turn around drastically for the better as the semi-retired truck driver claimed half of the CA$70,000,000 Lotto Max main prize. His ticket was drawn as one of the winning two in the June 22 draw of the fan-favorite draw-based game. He said he currently does not have specific plans on how to spend the CA$35 million prize, but he believes that it will not be difficult to think of a few ways.

Source: “Quebec ticket holder wins Friday’s $15 million Lotto Max jackpot”, Coast Reporter, August 14, 2021