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Ontario Lotto Player Grabs CA$65-Million Main Prize

This week Ontario has found its newest lottery millionaire, as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation reports that the grand Lotto Max jackpot has been won by someone from the province. As of right now the identity of the fortunate to say the least lottery player is still unknown, the only thing that is clear is that he or she will have CA$65,000,000 to their name.

Each week there are two draws for the Lotto Max game, one held on Tuesdays and the other one on Fridays. The game offers enormous prizes in size, as the grand prize can reach CA$70,000,000 at its peak. There are also Maxmillion rewards, that can be multiple in each draw, and one is worth CA$1,000,000.

New Lotto Multimillionaire

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has revealed that Ontario resident is the lucky ticket holder to be drawn as the winner of the CA$65 million jackpot. Despite not knowing who exactly has won the mega jackpot from the Lotto Max game, the Crown corporation reported that the fortunate lotto player resides in the York region.

In addition to that, during the Tuesday draw of the draw-based game, there were 14 Maxmillion prizes up for grabs. Out of all 14 prizes, 5 were won in the provinces this Tuesday. Three winning tickets for them have been sold in British Columbia, one in the Prairies, and the last on in Ontario again. The Crown also reported that one Maxmillion prize of CA$333,000 has been shared between three tickets.

Winner Revealed

Also, this week’s lottery news saw the reveal of a previous Lotto Max winner who won the pleasant prize of CA$35 million last month. The name of the ticket holder is Gary Hill, and he is a semi-retired truck driver from Kamloops, British Columbia. His ticket was one of the two that will split the CA$70 million mega prize from Lotto Max’s draw on June 22.

After arriving to claim his cheque at the BCLC, at the Crown’s Kamloops headquarters, Mr. Hill stated that he could not believe his eye after realizing that he has won half of the jackpot. He said that currently he has not yet planned how he will spend the main prize but he believes that he will certainly think of something in the near future.

More Lotto Max Winners

The other half of the grand CA$70 million jackpot in the June 22 draw was won by someone from Toronto, Ontario. The name of the lucky ticket holder is still unknown, but he will pocket CA$35 million, and he has 52 weeks to contact the Crown corporation and claim his winnings. The draw determined that the winning numbers were 07, 11, 22, 28, 33, 44, and 49, and the bonus number was 10.

Two best friends from Burlington have also majorly benefited from their lottery playing habits. as Chelsea Prince and Mercy Roldan have played the draw-based game for over eight years together, before their luck finally paying off in the April 13 draw of Lotto Max. The pair shared the main prize of CA$15.2 million. And in order to celebrate their big winning, they plan to take a trip together once it is safe to do so.

Source: Rodrigues, Gabby “Tuesday’s $65 million Lotto Max jackpot won by Ontario ticket holder”, Global News, July 7, 2021