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Mega Lotto Max Jackpot Finally Claimed

After 17 draws of the Lotto Max game, its main prize of CA$70,000,000 has been acquired by two fortunate ticket holders from the country. Last night the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed that the two lotto players are from British Columbia and Ontario, as both will be getting the hefty amount of CA$35 million each.

Lotto Max is a fan-favorite draw-based game in the country and it has two weekly draws one on Tuesday and one on Friday. The main prize can accumulate to over CA$70 million, and once the jackpot passes the CA$50 million threshold, players can also win Maxmillion prizes during the draws, and each is worth CA$1 million.

Main Prize Split

After a long eight-and-a-half weeks wait and 17 draws, the CA$70 million jackpot in the Lotto Max jackpot has been won again, reports the Crown Corporation. The Tuesday draw saw two tickets matching the winning numbers and splitting the main prize. As reported one of the ticket holders resides in Toronto, and the other one somewhere in British Columbia.

The Crown Corporations across the provinces remind all Lotto Max players to carefully check their tickets for the Tuesday draw. The winning numbers for the jackpot are 07, 11, 22, 28, 33, 44, and 49, and the bonus number was 10. Encore numbers in Ontario are 0683387, and in Western Canada, the Extra numbers are 3214108.

In addition to the main prize win, 30 of 70 Maxmillion numbers have been matched on 46 different tickets from all around the country. Out of the 46, 21 alone were sold in Ontario, 11 of them are from British Columbia, 10 reside in Quebec, and four are from the Prairies. The CA$1 million winners from Ontario are from Kingston, Windsor, Thunder Bay, St. Catherines, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Toronto, and North York.

Those who will be splitting the Maxmillion prizes with CA$500,000 each reside in Grey County, Simcoe County, Mississauga, Windsor, Milton, and some online. The winning CA$333,333 tickets were sold Burlington, Kitchener, Sault Ste. Marie, Milton, and Scarborough. Last but not least one Maxmillion prize will be split four ways with one of the tickets from Mississauga.

Best Friends’ Luck

Previously the Lotto Max grand jackpot was won by two best friends from Burlington, as Chelsea Prince and Mercy Roldan’s luck has paid off in the draw-based game. The pair has been playing lotto games together for over eight years after their ticket was drawn as the winning one in the April 13 draw of the Lotto Max game and obtaining the CA$15.2 million main prize.

Kirkland Lake Winning

Grover Adams’ life has also been drastically changed by the Lotto Max game, as the Kirkland Lake man has won CA$15 million from the fan-favorite lotto game. Mr. Adams’ ticket was drawn as the winning one and matching all seven numbers in the April 20 draw of the game. The 41-year-old winner plans to retire early from work and is preparing for a peaceful life with many fishing trips.

Source: Nielsen, Kevin “2 winning tickets sold in Ontario, B.C. will share Tuesday’s $70 million Lotto Max jackpot”, Global News, June 23, 2021