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CA$65 Million Lotto Max Winner Now Revealed

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation reports that the 41-year-old Jansen Ng from East Gwillimbury is the next lottery multimillionaire in Canada. Thanks to his Lotto Max ticket the former member of the military is now CA$65,000,000 richer and plans to give away a huge portion of the major prize to charity organizations.

Every week there are two Lotto Max draws held on Tuesdays and Fridays. Participants in the draw-based game have the opportunity to win the huge main prize or depending on the draw several Maxmillion prizes, each worth CA$1,000,000. The game is a fan-favorite one for many lotto players as the jackpot can reach the whooping amount of CA$70 million.

Winner Unveiled

Mr. Ng is the latest one to join the club of Canadian lotto millionaires as his ticket was drawn as the winning one in the July 6 draw of the Lotto Max game. The former military says that he often plays the game and he purchases his tickets at Marina’s Express Mart on Leslie St. in Sharon, Ont. while playing Pokémon Go.

The winner revealed that he heard that someone from the York region has won the big jackpot of CA$65 million, however, he did not fathom that it could be him. After checking his ticket at a ticket checker, he thought that the machine was malfunctioning and he then checked it on the Crown’s official lottery app, only to see the “Big Winner” message on the display.

Additionally, the winner stated that he wanted to spend the money responsibly, and he has discussed the winning with his pastor. He plans to use the money to support charity and to explore new ways for setting up new non-profit organizations. His desire is to help out fellow veterans who similarly to him have suffered from physical or mental injuries.

Mr. Ng explained that he plans to treat himself with a new electric car and not much else. He explained that the winnings will not change him and he will stay the same person who cuts his own hair and donates blood every two months. The winner also encouraged everyone to never lose hope despite the circumstances and that we never know tomorrow has in store.

Previous Winnings

Last week, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation revealed the identity of the winner of CA$35 million also from the Lotto Max games. The semi-retired truck driver Gary Hill is the next lotto multimillionaire as his ticket is one of the two winning ones of the Lotto Max jackpot on June 22. Both tickets will split the mega CA$70 million jackpot.

Another recent Lotto Max winner and now a lotto millionaire is Grover Adams from Kirkland Lake. The 41-year-old man has been drawn as the winner of the main prize from the April 20 draw of the game. The winner has pocketed the hefty amount of CA$15 million and now plans to enjoy his stress-free future, retire earlier, and go on many fishing trips.

Source: Bianchini, Elisabetta “Lotto Max $65,000,000 ticket winner was ‘almost homeless’ and wants to help other military veterans”, Yahoo Sports, July 16, 2021