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Lotto Max Jackpot Finds Its Winner in Ontario

Canada has officially found its latest lottery multi-millionaire as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation reports that the Lotto Max main prize has been won. The jackpot amounts to the impressive total of CA$44,023,273.40, and its single winner was determined during Tuesday’s draw. The ticket holder is located in Ontario and more precisely resides in Toronto.

The Lotto Max game is a weekly drawn lottery game, where players have to guess correctly all seven winning numbers in order to claim the main prize. Draws for the game are run each Tuesday and Friday. The jackpot can reach the staggering amount of CA$70,000,000 and players can also claim one of the several Maxmillion prizes worth CA$1,000,000.

Main Prize Claimed

On Wednesday the Crown corporation announced that the Lotto Max jackpot will reset to its starting amount as there was a single winning ticket sold in the province. The winner is, however, still unknown to the public and the Crown, and even he might not realize it yet. The lucky ticket holder will now be CA$44 million richer.

The Crown agency reminds all players to check their tickets on, on the OLG App, or by contacting them directly. According to the corporation, the winning numbers during Tuesday’s draw were 2, 13, 15, 19, 38, 39, 46. The jackpot for the next Lotto Max this Friday, July 23, 2021, will be in the amount of CA$10,000,000.

Additionally, the OLG informed of an expiring to cash out Lotto Max ticket worth CA$10,000. The ticket has been purchased by someone from Etobicoke and it will soon expire, as lottery rewards have a claiming period of 52 weeks. The Encore ticket was purchased on August 4, 2021, and its owner has not yet contacted the corporation.

The agency reminds all players from the region to carefully check their existing tickets or to check their pockets for the expiring Encore Lotto Max ticket. The winning numbers in the draw for the prize were 4-0-3-6-3-3-5 and the ticket matches the first six numbers in the sequence. The player has time up to August 4, to contact the corporation and claim their CA$10,000 prize.

York Winner

Last week the OLG revealed the name of the previous Lotto Max jackpot winner. The former military Jansen Ng from East Gwillimbury is now a lotto multi-millionaire as he claimed his CA$65 million cheque. The winner plans to treat himself only with a new electric car and has huge plans for supporting charity organizations and fellow military members such as himself.

Mega Prize Shared

Prior to Mr. Ng’s winning the Lotto Max jackpot amounted to CA$70 million and it took a couple of weeks before some finally claimed it. The jackpot was split between two ticket holders. The first one was Gary Hill from Kamloops, B.C. and the other one is still unknown, however, his location is somewhere in Ontario. Both winners will grab the hefty amount of CA$35 million each.

Source: Tsekouras, Phil “Winning $44 million Lotto Max ticket sold in Toronto”, CTV News, July 21, 2021