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Cascades Casino North Bay Project Is On Schedule

Gateway Casino has published an update on the construction of its brand-new gaming property in North Bay, Ontario. According to the gambling leader, the building of the casino is well on schedule and it will be finished according to the plans. However, due to the unprecedented situation and its ongoing effects, it remains unclear when the property will be allowed to officially open its doors.

Casinos were allowed to reopen in Ontario not long ago, but recent orders from the provincial government suspended many businesses including gambling activities in the region. That is why despite finishing the new North Bay casino in time, the company is still uncertain when it will be allowed to premiere its services.

Work Continues

The working process has been renewed yesterday on April 5, as the Director of Communications for Gateway Casinos Rob Mitchell gave a statement to the local media outlets. According to him, the construction process is going well and the property will be completed by the set deadline. However, he stated that despite the on-schedule work the property’s grand opening remains clouded in mystery.

Before the recommencing of construction, there was an inspection to see how the building has handled the severe winter conditions. Mr. Mitchell stated that the floor was poured last year in November along with all the rough-ins. Then the boarding was set before the project was closed down for the winter.

The spokesperson for the company also said that the plan for the casino is to have a similar exterior and interior as Cascades Casino in Chatham which is another of the company’s gaming properties. According to him, the floor will have the same plan and layout, as he praised the Chatham facility branding it aesthetically pleasing and hugely successful for the company.

Mr. Mitchell believes the new property will quickly become a gambler’s fan favorite. Additionally, the property will have food amenities such as the Match Eatery and Public House, and The Buffet. When the North Bay property is allowed to open its doors, the venue will be complying with the 50-guest maximum capacity and other provincially issued health and safety restrictions.

Staff Lay Off

Another recent set of news saw the gaming leader lay off some of its staff members that worked in Chances Casino Kamloops indoor diner known as Barside Lounge. The dining venue had been working since the reopening of restaurants last summer but now has to close down after the government’s latest ban on indoor food amenities. The current prohibition is on course to last to at least April 19.

Diner Reopening

Atlas Steak + Fish restaurant was scheduled to officially reopen on March 30 in Cascaded Casino Kamloops. But after the new dining ban, the venue will not offer in-person eating. However, the property will still offer takeout and delivery services to its many local fans. The 20 employees managed to return to work after a significant spell on the sidelines.

Source: Turl, Jeff “Casino will be completed as planned. Work resumes today”, Bay Today, April 5, 2021