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Cascades Casino Kamloops Will Relaunch Its Atlas Steak + Fish

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment officially announced that the Atlas Steak + Fish will be reopening its doors for visitors imminently. The restaurant which is at the corporation’s Cascades Casino Kamloops follows the Match Eatery & Public House reopening in the middle of March and now two of the property’s three restaurants will be welcoming guests.

Most business enterprises have been closed down in British Columbia for almost a year due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the unprecedented situation and leaving many people with no work. But the month of March has finally seen the reopening of some sectors thanks to the provincial government’s orders, and businesses such as restaurants may restart operations.

March 30 Reopening

After the March 16 reopening of Cascades Casino Kamloops’ Match Eatery, another restaurant of the property will be available for visitors with the Atlas Steak + Fish reopening on March 30, 2021. The restaurant located at 1555 Versatile Dr. in Aberdeen will officially welcome guests by offering dine-in services.

The restaurant will be following a new schedule of operations and it will be available for visiting five days per week from Tuesday to Saturday. The property will be operating in the beforementioned days from 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., additionally, there will be a happy hour from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Around 20 employees will be able to finally return to their positions.

Speaking on behalf of Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, Tanya Garbara, director of public relations stated that the company is delighted that it can reopen its dining venues. According to her during the lockdown restrictions, guests of the facility have continuously enquired about the availability of the restaurants. And now two of the three will be welcoming visitors as The Buffet will remain closed for now.

As already mentioned, the MATCH Eatery and Public House at the facility reopened earlier in March on March 16 to be exact. The restaurant became available for reopening after the provincial government greenlighted the recommence of some businesses in the area. The diner  welcomed back to work its 20 employees who have been eagerly waiting for the reopening of the property.

Along with The Buffet, the casino venue itself, for now, remains closed down, as it currently stands there are no operational gambling facilities in the British Columbia province. Other provinces have already reopened their gaming halls but in B.C. they have remained closed for a year now. However, earlier Gateway Casinos informed that all of its venues in the provinces are prepared for a reopening and have installed the mandator safety measures.

B.C. Casino Workers Statement

Employees of the company have most recently featured in a video titled “Don’t Forget About Casino Workers”, as a protest to why the gaming properties have not been reopened yet in B.C. The heartfelt video shows two single mothers who shared their difficulties caused by the closing down of businesses after the occurrence of the unprecedented situation.

Source: “Atlas Steak + Fish to reopen on March 30”, Kamloops This Week, March 26, 2021