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Chances Casino Kamloops Diner Staff Laid Off

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has recently announced that there will be staff laid off at Chances Casino Kamloops’ indoor diner. Staff members of the Barside Lounge have become the latest victims of the unfortunate negative effects from the occurrence of the unprecedented situation and the financial difficulties it had on the gambling industry.

The dining facility has been opened since last summer but now it will be closed down by the corporation due to the new indoor dining prohibition issued by the government. Previously, the company considered reopening Atlas Steak + Fish in Cascades Casino in its Aberdeen property but with the new order, the facility will provide takeout and delivery services.

Indoor Dining Ban

Due to the government’s latest order that prohibits indoor dining until at least April 19, 15 Barside Lounge staff members will be laid off from their positions. The property has been operational since last summer when it was allowed to reopen, but it will now unfortunately temporarily close down. It is still unclear when will the reopening occur.

Additionally, with the recent reopening of Atlas Steak + Fish in Cascades Casino on March 30, the company will not be suspending its whole set of services. Guests will not be able to dine in the restaurant, and instead, there will be only takeout and delivery amenities for the casino’s fans. The same applies to the Match Eatery in the venue which will also be delivering food and offers takeout.

The third food property in the Aberdeen facility The Buffet will remain closed along for the time being along with both gambling halls of the corporation in Kamloops. The casinos have been shut down since the beginning of the unprecedented situation in March 2020 and currently, there is no official reopening date for both gaming venues.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment spokesperson Tanya Gabara stated that despite the new dining ban the Match Eatery will remain open for takeout, delivery, and guests too due to its open patio space. She is hopeful that the restaurant will be able to endure the three-week-closure and all 20 employees keep their positions.

Recent Reopening

The scheduled reopening of Atlas Steak + Fish on March 30 has partially become reality as the venue will be offering take-out and delivery services. The restaurant located at 1555 Versatile Dr. in Aberdeen was on schedule to welcome its 20 employees back but the new ban on indoor dining has been the reason to suspend dine-in offerings.

The Match Eatery in Cascades Casino was able to reopen slightly earlier on March 16. The relaunch of the restaurant saw its 20 workers finally return to their positions as the venue has been closed down since March 2020. Fortunately, the outside area allows for the restaurant to remain open and still welcome guests who have been eager to step foot again on its premises.

Source: “Indoor dining ban leads to layoffs at casino restaurant“, Kamloops This Week, April 4, 2021