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BCLC Talks Gambling Addiction ahead of New Horizons 2021

British Columbia Lottery Corporation constantly works on its problem gambling solutions and programs promoting а healthier gaming relationship. Productive conversations such as the recent New Horizons in Responsible Gambling pre-conference session highlight new possibilities for the province. As it was pointed out, financial-services firms have the potential to support individuals experiencing problem gambling.

The Crown corporation wants to bring people closer to a wide array of gaming offerings on a daily basis and possibly change the lives of many of them. However, this comes with a certain level of risk that should not be overlooked. Gambling addiction could have a devastating impact on people’s lives, savings, relationships, and more. This has prompted the British Columbia Lottery Corporation to improve its problem gambling policies.

Problem Gambling

Seeking improvements that could be made to existing policies and introducing new ones is important for the Crown corporation, as it improves lives. One of the most recent discussions on the subject happened during the Banking on a Different Perspective: The Financial Industry’s Role in Safer Gambling online session. It focused on the ways in which financial-services firms could support players.

Natalie Ledward, Vulnerability Manager at Monzo Bank Ltd., was the session speaker who pointed this out. She made it clear that her bank has worked on ways in which it could support individuals seeking help to tackle their gambling addiction and the harmful impact it has on their life. Monzo Bank has worked on a package of digital tools and support resources promoting safer gambling and taking action. Individuals seeking support have those available on request.

These tools aim to make decision making easier for the individuals seeking them. Back in 2018, the bank in question first unveiled its new digital tool allowing players to block their gaming activities. This happens with the temporary suspension of gambling purchases made via their Monzo bank account, making it practically impossible for them to use their money for gambling.

Banks Prevent Gambling

The bank operates with merchant codes offered by credit card companies, making possible the identification of any gaming activity. Individuals seeking an effective tool preventing them from spending money on gaming online or in-person can rely on this one, as Ms. Ledward pointed out. Problem gambling programs should aim for the core of the problem and target it at its very beginning.

Purchases made via one’s bank account is where efforts should be pointed towards. Ms. Ledwards said that banks have the chance to quickly notice any deviations from the healthy spending habits, gaming buy-ins being one of those. Monzo acts in a timely manner, offering its problem gambling package of tools that could be used by the player. However, at the end of the day, this decision should be made by the players.

Dr. Jamie Wiebe, Director of Player Health at BCLC, stated that this is the first pre-conference sessions that will pave the way for productive conversation at New Horizons 2021. Players can receive support from other businesses, adding to the efforts already showcased by British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The second conversation will take place on January 27, whereas the two-day conference itself will commence on March 9.