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Kingsway Entertainment District Plans in 2021

Kingsway Entertainment District might be one step closer to its construction phase, but from here on out the situation will require more conversation and more decisions. Robert Kirwan, a Sudbury City Councilor recently contemplated on the CA$100-million project and the integrity of its constituents, as uncertainty looms over the entire project.

It could be recalled that the last days of 2020 witnessed a great step forward for the special entertainment zone project in the Greater Sudbury area. The Local Planning Appeal tribunal dismissed the last remaining appeals linked to the large project expected to be built. These appeals had been blocking the large entertainment zone from moving forward to its construction phase.

Conversation Continues

In its official statement, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal made it clear that the appeals in need of review failed to establish any inconsistency or non-conformity in relation to the planning policy. This eventually led to the dismissal of all remaining appeals, essentially clearing the path for Kingsway Entertainment District to move forward. With this move, all legal battles associated with it came to an end.

The Superior Court issued a ruling that the City of Greater Sudbury did not show bias when giving its approval to the CA$100-million entertainment zone. No appeal of this ruling was made within the period allowing such to be made. Kingsway Entertainment District is expected to feature a casino complex joined by a hotel venue, along with other family-friendly offerings part of its structure. The plans for the project are done in a way that makes every part dependent on the rest.

Coun. Kirwan pointed out that the special zone should be built in its entirety and that the parties involved in it want to see that happening once this is possible. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is the casino operator that will oversee gaming operation on the premises of its casino complex. It will go by the name of Starlight Casino Sudbury.

What’s in Store?

Regardless of all delays and hurdles, the casino giant is still determined to witness its casino operation within Kingsway Entertainment District, as it will provide a positive boost to the local economy. The project is also expected to attract more tourists to the area seeking entertainment and gambling offerings. This determination will also result in the creation of many new job positions for people seeking reliable income.

Towards the end of 2020, Ward 3 Coun. Gerry Montpellier produced an email conversation between him and Robert Mitchell, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Gateway Casinos. It expressed an already familiar direction for the casino operator, which is focused on reopening its brick-and-mortar locations as a priority. However, it was also confirmed that the casino operator wants to be part of KED.

Local developer Dario Zulich is also going nowhere, as he is determined to see the project come to fruition in the upcoming years. However, City Councilor Geoff McCausland pointed out that the hotel venue part of it remains without management, as no hospitality company has indicated a desire to oversee it. A project about its future operation should be presented before the City Council.