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Superior Court Welcomes KED Casino Opposition

The Superior Court was eyeing this week as an important one for the people of Greater Sudbury and the region. Kingsway Entertainment District is the topic of discussion that is facilitated by a video conference. The proceeding is also available publicly, as people interested in everything happening could follow the live stream on YouTube. Tom Fortin, one of the main opponents has launched the legal battle.

It could be recalled that the fall months of 2019 witnessed Mr. Fortin take matters to court, filing evidence suggesting that the City of Greater Sudbury showed bias when it gave its approval to the special zone project including a casino venue. The local businessman sought justice in court.

Video Conference in Progress

The approval for this move was given in April 2018 and this was when a couple of bylaws made it possible for the entertainment project to feature a casino complex overseen by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. Upwards of 1,500 pages including details have been presented, as the local businessman alleges that city officials were biased when making the decision to allow the development to move forward.

Gordon Petch is the lawyer representing Mr. Fortin during the legal battle. He made it clear that back in 2018, the city council showed bias and went so far as to disregard municipal laws. They directly affected the future development of Kingsway Entertainment District, making it possible for a casino expansion to take place on its premises. Mr. Petch also pointed out that transparency was a weak feature of this project.

He stated that the city council had been holding closed-door meetings regarding Kingsway Entertainment District, refusing to reveal all details surrounding the project. This deprived locals directly affected by the new project crucial details about it. Mr. Fortin has been opposing the project for quite a while and he also makes some allegations regarding the casino complex coming with it.

Tuesday Brings Another Perspective

He stated that the impact of the future Starlight Casino Sudbury overseen by Gateway Casinos has not been thoroughly studied. Taking into consideration the pros and cons of a gambling venue in the region, as well as in this particular high-traffic area had to be done ahead of the greenlighting. Moreover. Mr. Fortin also pointed out that city officials did not conduct the appropriate public consultations.

Mr. Petch stated that the process had to be carefully considered one and thorough evaluation was required, but the city council decided to ram it through instead. This Monday got to hear the casino complex opposition. June 30 is set to see the lawyers representing the City of Greater Sudbury and Gateway Casinos, allowing them the chance to defend themselves and put everything on the table.

This Superior Court battle comes at a pivotal point in the development of the project, as the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal is projected to enter its next phase this fall. September 17 is scheduled to see the next hearing date on the subject and the Superior Court would have to issue its ruling by then.