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Second Lockdown Made Laval Player CA$1,321,851 Richer

Loto-Québec aims to change players’ lives for good with its riveting and diverse gaming offerings available both online and in its brick-and-mortar gaming venues. A gambling fan hailing from Laval ended up bagging a jackpot of a lifetime as a result of his gaming session at He became eligible for a cash payout amounting to some CA$1,321,851.

Online gaming has become increasingly more popular over the past year, as lockdown made it impossible for people to gamble at brick-and-mortar casinos. The Crown corporation overseeing gambling in the province of Quebec was quick to shut down all land-based casinos and gambling halls it oversees back in March and a similar scenario took place recently. Right now, casinos in the province are closed.

Progressive Jackpot

Over the months of lockdown in the spring and the summer, the Crown corporation made it clear that it works hard on its online gambling platform, optimizing it and introducing many new offerings to its portfolio. Diversifying it was essential, as it aimed to keep players entertained for longer and keep them coming back for more.

It also made it possible for players to experience premium casino gaming online in the comfort of their home. The wide variety of online games available on its premium platform has increased with time and this second lockdown is about to see even more offerings up for grabs. Over the past few weeks, players have been once again flooding seeking what’s new there. This is particularly the way that Elie Chebli managed to become eligible for the progressive jackpot.

The constantly growing prize is part of the Powerbucks Wheel of Fortune gaming bonanza that draws more players to both brick-and-mortar venues and the online space. Mr. Chebli played the Hawaiian Getaway game on Loto-Québec’s online platform and enjoyed the premium graphics this Powerbucks offering comes with. As a result of his gaming session, he ended up bagging the progressive jackpot.

Online Gaming

On October 18 it amounted to some CA$1,321,851 and this is the sum Mr. Chebli bagged. The Laval resident could not really process what was happening at the time when he became a millionaire. It was only when he spoke with a Loto-Québec online gaming attendant that the idea of a hefty progressive jackpot actually sunk in.

He was beyond excited upon hearing the good news and he began arranging his prize claim ceremony. It took place on October 29 at Loto-Québec’s head office in Montreal. What should be pointed out is that Mr. Chebli was supposed to fly to the United States on October 18, but he changed his plans and decided to stay in Canada. He wanted to collect his jackpot first and then plan for the future.

Canada’s latest millionaire said that he plans on spending the jackpot with his loved ones and making his dream purchases. The Powerbucks progressive jackpot creates a network across Quebec’s land-based casinos, along with the online gambling space. Its minimum amount is CA$1 million and players could bet as little as CA$0.75.