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Ontario Players Enjoy Online Powerbucks Jackpots Surpassing CA$1m

International Game Technology is ready to solidify its position in Ontario’s gaming field elevating the Powerbucks gaming potential with an online launch. In order to make the already popular gaming offering even more popular among people of the province, the gaming leader introduced it to the online gaming world. The collaboration is once again with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation for improved gaming opportunities.

Online gaming offerings are among the most popular opportunities of winning big, due to their convenient nature and the easy access players have to them. The progressive jackpot game is about to launch online and attract an even larger crowd of enthusiasts willing to try their luck and possibly win big. Players would join several other provinces already enjoying online Powerbucks jackpots.

Online Gaming Modernized

Elevating the player experience and bringing new offerings on a regular basis is essential for the successful operation of any gaming company. It guarantees that players have a constant flow of new offerings and that the corporation remains competitive enough in the grand scheme. Provinces to the likes of British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, as well as New Brunswick already have online Powerbucks up for grabs.

Ontario would be the latest addition to this progressive jackpot network changing people’s lives for quite a while. is the platform they have to use in order to access the world of fortune and cash prizes. The progressively generated jackpot depends on the levels of participation players demonstrate, meaning that the bigger the number of players, the better its jackpot would be.

Ontario players now have the chance to participate in gaming offerings to the likes of Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway and Wheel of Fortune Exotic Far East, both intriguing and promising to take them far away to the land of dreams. Canadians are known to be fond of Far East-themed gaming offerings, making the latter a popular game across the province.

Generous Jackpots Galore

The jackpots up for grabs are generated thanks to the constant gaming action involving casino games, desktop gaming, as well as online action taking place in neighboring provinces. David Flinn, IGT Regional Vice President, Canada, stated that work on the omni-channel offering has resulted in its popularity over the years.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is ready to introduce a unique experience. Ever since its first introduction to the local market, Powerbucks has managed to sprinkle some 15 jackpots, each of which amounts to more than CA$1 million. When it comes to Ontario, the progressive jackpot has been available in land-based casinos only. The collaboration between IGT and the Crown corporation has been in progress for quite a while bringing intriguing offerings.

Mid-November 2018, the company announced it is ready to bring innovation to the local bingo market with the introduction of e-bingo gaming. Some 12 charitable gaming venues sprinkled across the province saw the official introduction of e-bingo titles back then and ever since, this modernized version has enjoyed success. TapTix electronic break-open tickets and Play On Demand (POD) games were also installed.