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Woodbine Ent. Brings Two-Hour Live Horse Racing Closer

Woodbine Entertainment is ready for a riveting fall with tons of live events and it wants to make individuals part of this thrill wherever they are. This will easily happen with the help of the Racing Night Live horse racing series return. TSN is about to welcome the live broadcast back and reserve a premium spot on Fridays.

The horse people of Ontario have been patiently waiting for the official start of live racing, as wagering on the live events is what supports their operation and lives. The unprecedented situation has taken its toll on the horse racing field and it could be recalled that the summer months saw the official start of live broadcast on TSN.

Racing Night Live

This allowed people to watch everything happening live and seeing things from a new perspective. Both Woodbine Mohawk and Woodbine Racetrack had their live events broadcasted for the wider audience of individuals, as live spectators were not allowed to make their way to the racetracks. The fall months of this year will see the official return of these live events on the small screen.

Individuals interested will have the chance to place bets in the comfort of their home while they follow everything happening thanks to the live stream on TSN. They will have the opportunity to do so every Friday. The live broadcast will commence at 7 p.m. giving everyone the chance to make their way before their TVs and watch live events.

Every week is scheduled to bring more live events than ever before, enhancing Friday nights. October 16 is projected to see the first live broadcast bringing two hours of live racing and diverse entertainment for the people interested in will be presented. The 120 minutes of live show is about to feature at least three Thoroughbred live races taking place at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto.

October 16

There will also be three Standardbred races happening at Woodbine Mohawk Park in Milton and fans will also get the chance to enjoy those. It should be noted that horse racing fans will also have the opportunity to place wagers on the live events with the help of the mobile app allowing them to do so. The Dark Horse app focuses on the wagering portion of the horse races.

Individuals interested in the two hours of entertainment every Friday will also enjoy the live performances happening on the premises of the two racetracks. Jim Lawson, Chief Executive Officer of Woodbine Entertainment, pointed out that Racing Night Live has allowed the horse people to reach out new and diverse crowd, inviting new individuals to the audience of horse racing events, enjoying them at home.

Woodbine Entertainment, TSN, and Dome Productions have worked on their partnership in order to introduce their interactive horse racing experience. TSN’s Laura Diakun and Woodbine Entertainment’s Jason Portuondo will host the live show, whereas Brodie Lawson and Chad Rozema are expected to report straight from the racetracks.