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Woodbine Greenlights Charitable Heinz Challenge

Woodbine Entertainment is ready to spice things up with a brand new idea in collaboration with Kraft-Heinz Canada. The Heinz Challenge is going to fuse horse racing and charitable organizations, as the horse racing leader wants to support the local community with a donation reaching CA$5,000. Both Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Mohawk Park will participate in the challenge.

The new horse racing series will be contested during the live racing taking place on TSN. The broadcast goes by the name of Racing Night Live and it allows individuals from near and far to see horse racing from an entirely new perspective.

CA$5,000 Donation

The live broadcast also gives them the chance to see a different angle they would not be able to see if they were at the racetrack. This new six-week horse racing challenge is going to create a total of four teams ready for riveting rivalry. Each of the teams will include one jockey from Woodbine Racetrack, as well as one driver from Woodbine Mohawk Park. This fusion is about to unite horse racing fans.

Each of the teams is about to then compete for the ultimate CA$5,000 prize that would then be donated to a charitable organization in the Woodbine region. Thus it will support the community during these unprecedented times and give back to the people in need. The Heinz Challenge itself is a rather intriguing concept that is sure to attract many jockeys and drivers, along with the people interested in watching the live races on TV.

The horse people racing will get the chance to earn points at the end of every race they participate in and add them to the overall total of points their team has in store. The joint efforts could then make this team one of the best-performing ones, which could result in their win. The charitable nature of this challenge is expected to boost efforts.

August 6 Saw Launch

The Heinz Challenge is about to make the remaining weeks of the summer and early fall much more riveting for horse racing enthusiasts following the progress their favorite jockeys and drivers show. The four jockeys chosen for this Heinz Challenge are Rafael Hernandez, Kazushi Kimura, Justin Stein, as well as Emma-Jayne Wilson. They will ride in the upcoming six weeks and aim to achieve more.

In the meantime, the drivers highlighted for the charitable challenge are going to be Jody Jamieson, Bob McClure, Doug McNair, as well as Louis-Philippe Roy. They are expected to participate in multiple harness racing events over the upcoming six weeks which will give them the opportunity to amass a large number of points, improving their position on the official leader board of this challenge Woodbine Entertainment has come up with.

The four teams participating in this challenge go by the names E=MC², Club JD, Island Boyz, as well as Double Double. Each team has to come up with their charity organization of choice and show their support if they end up winning the Heinz Challenge. Woodbine Entertainment is going to make a CA$2,500 donation on their behalf and swell the overall donation to CA$5,000.