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Woodbine Entertainment Says No to Racism

Woodbine Entertainment is ready to support the youth in its new initiative in collaboration with a local charitable organization. Trust 15 is going to take over the horse racing leader’s Twitter and Facebook accounts on July 22, striving to raise awareness regarding its daily work with the young people of the Rexdale community. The wide audience of the horse racing leader will have the chance to learn more.

This week is a special one for the horse racing fans of Ontario, as Woodbine Entertainment is going to collaborate with a charitable organization in order to achieve more down the road. Trust 15 is going to have complete control over the content posted on Woodbine Entertainment’s social media accounts for a day.

Trust 15 Takes over Social Media

This Wednesday is about to be a special day, as it will be quite an informative one for the people who know little to nothing about the charitable organization. The horse racing leader of Ontario wants to give it the platform to share its views and shed more light on its daily operation. Both Woodbine Entertainment and Trust 15 strive to benefit communities and the people in them.

July 22 is going to see several informative posts both on Twitter and Facebook, informing people about the work the charitable organization does. Informative interviews with some of the people enrolled in the program are going to be posted, bringing more details to the programs available and their benefits in the long run. In addition to those conversations, Trust 15 is also going to post some useful infographics.

People interested in supporting its operation and contributing in any way will also receive information regarding the ways they could do so. Woodbine Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Jim Lawson stated that now is the time for the people to educate themselves regarding at-risk youth and the ways they can support them.

July 22

Mr. Lawson stated that the times we live in are changing and the turmoil around the globe is regarding inequality. The black youth of Rexdale is in safe hands with the charitable organization seeking ways in which it could educate them about the risks of daily life. Woodbine Entertainment is determined to work hard towards the complete nixing of racism in the region, allowing the community to thrive.

One of the opportunities for this is via the charitable organization keeping a close eye on everything happening in the community. The black youth is often exposed to the systematic racism that could be prevented going forward with the optimization of the information flow, as well as sustainable growth of the charitable program targeting the youth.

Woodbine Entertainment has been actively pursuing charity activity for years now. Its annual charity challenge sees success and recognition for the local charitable and community organizations. Woodbine Cares Week was created to praise the various organizations and their honorable causes seeking improvement for people at risk.