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Woodbine Ent. Unveils New AI Dark Horse Wagering App

Woodbine Entertainment is paving the way for an entirely new experience for the people of Ontario. A new wagering app is about to be unveiled very soon and it goes by the name of Dark Horse. Horse racing enthusiasts from across the province would be able to place their bets using the artificial intelligence technology implemented in it.

Its official launch is about to take place once live racing returns on the premises of Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Mohawk Park. Projections are that many individuals are going to participate in the diverse wagering it provides and more eyeballs would be drawn to both Thoroughbred and Standardbred live racing. Dark Horse would handicap horse races for the players to enjoy.

Innovation is Here

Jim Lawson, Chief Executive Officer of Woodbine Entertainment had some thought to share on the subject. He made it clear that this mobile app is about to be a pioneer in the horse racing and wagering world, as it sets the tone for the industry. It brings innovation to the way individuals are going to bet on the live events taking place over the upcoming months.

Artificial intelligence would take this to another level. With the help of this technology, horse racing enthusiasts would have the chance to experience much better-informed wagering. The software used in this mobile app would predict probable outcomes taking into account previous performances of the horses. In a way, the artificial intelligence is about to learn from the players themselves and apply their prediction strategy evaluating past races.

Such an approach to horse racing and wagering on the events is about to attract many new individuals curious to experience its advanced nature. They would like to see if the Dark Horse app really works. It also gives everyone an equal chance of winning big, as it makes beginners feel experienced and progress faster.

Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Lawson stated that the mobile app itself has a very user-friendly interface welcoming the player and making it easy for them to explore and see all the bets up for grabs. The packages are also visible for players to make an informed choice while betting. Next week is about to see the soft launch of the Dark Horse mobile app, as this is the long-anticipated return of live horse racing on both racetracks.

The Android version of this app is expected to launch first, while the iOS version is projected to launch in time for the June 5 start of live racing. The wagering itself is a pari-mutuel, but players might feel like it brings fixed-odds, as the Chief Executive Officer clarified. Dark Horse features a total of three theoretical models for information accumulation, making its predictions better.

This new app would make the first months of live horse racing more exciting, as players are not allowed to make their way to the horse racetracks. Projections are that the fall months of this year would see people return on the premises of the racecourses, but until then they have the comprehensive mobile app to enjoy.