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Woodbine Touts CA$268,052.47 Thoroughbred Jackpot Hi-5

Woodbine Entertainment recently made it clear that August 8 is about to be a special day for the horse racing fans of Ontario. This Saturday is going to bring Woodbine Thoroughbred Jackpot Hi-5 with the mandatory payout. All eyes are set on the prize, as Thoroughbred racing enthusiasts always seek the thrill of wagering and possibly winning big as a result of it.

This Saturday is about to be an important one for many horse racing fans, as it will bring a mandatory payout to the table. It brings a carryover amounting to some CA$268,052.47. It has been growing ever since June 21 and someone will have to eventually bag it in the upcoming days.

Woodbine Thoroughbred Jackpot Hi-5

Woodbine Entertainment wants to make this weekend a memorable one and one of the ways to do so is via the renowned Woodbine Thoroughbred Jackpot Hi-5 with one of the best payouts in the horse racing field. At the moment wagering on the Jackpot Hi-5 is unavailable, as it was temporarily suspended after the last racing weekend. This Thursday is expected to see its return.

This will pave the way for the riveting weekend, involving both August 6 and August 7 racing action part of the live Thoroughbred racing schedule. The carryover has been swelling over the past couple of months and individuals ready to bag it should be well-acquainted with the requirements in order to do so. They have to place a bet amounting to 20 percent as the minimum amount. It could increase if the player wants it to.

Thoroughbred racing enthusiasts have to pinpoint the top five finishers and place them in the order they seem most achievable once the live race is near its end. They have to make a correct guess in order to become eligible for the cash payout but they should also keep in mind that the jackpot could not be shared.

August 8

This means that Woodbine Entertainment wants to make a single payout and only a single ticket considered a winning one will become eligible for the CA$268,052.47 Jackpot Hi-5. Horse racing fans are eager to place their bets and pave their way to success. The last time the Thoroughbred Jackpot Hi-5 ended up in someone’s hands was on December 15, 2019.

Back then the carryover amounted to some CA$80,221.02 with CA$284,592 wagered in new money. The eventual payout amounted to some CA$7,164.60. Now it should be taken into account that the race card for August 8 is going to take place on August 5. It could be recalled that June 6 saw the Standardbred Jackpot Hi-5 at Woodbine Mohawk Park.

The official start of the live season was on Friday, June 5. The jackpot itself amounted to CA$236,338.67. The Jackpot Hi-5 also brought enhanced purse reaching CA$30,000, a motivation enough for many horse people. February 15, 2020, saw the most recent jackpot payout at Woodbine Mohawk Park.