Industry Reports

Playground Poker Welcomes Up to 150 Patrons

Playground Poker Club greenlighted daily operation at the beginning of this month and its gradual reopening continues to this day. September 18 is about to see its total gaming capacity jump to 150 patrons making their way in at all times, setting the cap higher than before. Individuals of the Kahnawake area are ready to gamble.

When it comes to in-person gaming, the offering was unavailable over the past nearly half a year, as the protection of players and staff members is essential. The gaming hall management came up with a comprehensive plan for the official reopening of Playground Poker and this goal was achieved at the beginning of this month. September 18 is another important milestone.

New Limits

Once it launched operation for the first time in nearly six months, the popular poker destination for Quebec individuals had a certain cap on the number of guests it was allowed to welcome at all times. September 4 saw the official reopening with a total of 50 patrons making their way in and enjoying the gaming offerings available.

They had to make a reservation ahead of time, in order to secure their spot and make sure they will be allowed within the premises of the gaming venue. For the time being, only electronic gaming devices are available on the premises of the poker hotspot. Poker tables remain closed, in a way to promote physical distancing between the players making their way there. Playground Poker confirmed that the management is working in close collaboration with the province.

This could make it possible for it to introduce in-person poker gaming in the upcoming months, following closely all safety guidelines the province issues. There are several different models that could make this happen in the foreseeable future. September 18 is about to see the next milestone when it comes to the gaming capacity of Playground Poker.

What’s to Come?

This is when the capacity of the gaming venue is going to be set to 150 patrons at all times, tripling the number of people allowed in. Projections are that more people will make their way there, seeking the thrill of in-person gaming. Online reservation so spots remain the only way they can enter, making sure that no people are left disappointed once they have reached the address.

When they book their visit at Playground Poker, they will get the chance to pinpoint their particular time of arrival, as well as their expected duration of stay. Patrons could spend up to three hours gambling at this point in the business reopening. This will allow more people to give their luck a try. Upon entering the gaming hall, all individuals will have to go through a mandatory screening including several health-related questions.

It should be noted that all general areas of the gaming hotspot are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once every two hours. In peak hours the frequency changes to once every hour. Door handles, counters, PIN pads, and flat surfaces are cleaned after every use for the safety of all individuals. Face masks are also mandatory within Playground Poker.