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Playground Poker Promotes Social Distancing with Online Cash Games

Playground Poker Club is here to live up to the expectations players have nowadays and the popular gambling location has recently shown its flexibility. Together with partypoker, the Kahnawake gaming hotspot is about to launch its Playground Online Cash Games. Players are now invited to try their luck and possibly win big cash prizes at the end of the riveting games in store.

The gaming venue is renowned for its live poker activities. International poker festivals pinpoint Kahnawake as their stop, as Playground Poker is capable of offering them the conditions for a live tournament they need. In addition to those, the gaming venue itself is making every month a special one with its live tournaments every day, as well as the popular Power Weekends.

Brighter Poker Days

Playground Poker is willing to make it possible for poker enthusiasts to feel the same way as if they were playing poker in real life. The gaming location considers it completely possible for players to transport the feeling of playing poker in real life to their homes, possibly even with the same individuals they would play against at the poker venue.

The tables available within the online gaming offering are designed in a way that would make the experience more real. Players are likely to miss the feeling of being at a brick-and-mortar gambling venue and Playground Poker would like to help them via the Online Cash Games. Many of the tables available there would be restricted to the individuals usually making their way to the casino venue.

Every player is going to have their name displayed, in order to make the experience even more immersive. Players are expected to meet their poker buddies there and make social distancing less dreadful of a practice. Socializing online might be the new way to make things work. This is the worldwide situation at the moment, but it does not mean that the players should feel lonely without their preferred pastime activity.

Online Gaming Offerings

Players would have the chance to make their way to the online poker tables featuring riveting games via visiting the Cash Game lobby on partypoker’s platform. The special online zone is about to inform players regarding the min/max buy-in range of every cash game available. In addition to that, the buy-in ranges available at Playground Poker Club would be accurately represented in the online gaming space.

Players would also be able to set their own private games that would be accessible via an invite-only. The limit for players joining that type of game is between six and ten individuals. What the host has to do is send an email to naming all the players that would join the poker congregation, as well as the type of game they want to play.

The new gaming opportunity would also come with some benefits for the players choosing to engage in it. Playground Poker is about to introduce a 20% increase in Rake Back, as well as the weekly 20%-40% currently offered by partypoker. The special Playground Poker bonus is going to be available for the foreseeable future.