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Playground Poker Takes Couples on Gourmet Trip this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us and couples around the world are preparing their celebration plans for that day of love and devotion. Playground Poker Club wants to make the special evening even more riveting with its premium offering for two. The romantic dinner on the premises of the gaming venue and its luxurious restaurant is about to leave a lasting impression on people.

Demonstrating your feelings and the devotion one has towards a significant other should not happen once a year only. However, February 14 is that special day that reminds us to showcase everything we have inside and share our most intimate thoughts with the people of our hearts. Feeling appreciated means quite a lot, making the special day the best occasion to showcase those feelings.

Celebrate Feb. 14 at Playground Poker

Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake is once again preparing a special event in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the best way possible. Couples from across Quebec and Kahnawake are invited to make their way to the premium poker venue and enjoy everything it has up for grabs. Playground Poker Club would ensure that all chefs on site take care of the individuals reserving a seat there.

The meal itself is about to constitute a central part of this special evening of celebration. There would be three courses introducing a special treat for each and every individual present. The Kahnawake hotspot is also going to elevate the experience with the Top Note Jazz Trio, making the evening a sensual one for all senses. The ultimate goal of this evening is to bring a well-rounded experience to every participant.

Reservations are currently possible and they are a must, as the venue itself would not be able to welcome large crowds. The intimate atmosphere is expected to make the dinner even more special. People can make their reservations by calling (450) 635-4318 in a timely manner ahead of February 14. The management reminds that there would be two seatings.

Kahnawake Readies for the Special Day

The first one is scheduled to take place at 6 p.m. on February 14 followed by a second one at 8:30 p.m. This would make it possible for more people to experience the special evening and get a taste of Valentine’s Day celebration. The price for this organized event is CA$55 per person, including gratuity.

It should also be taken into account that every couple is about to receive one bottle of wine or Prosecco. In order to challenge their taste buds, chefs are going to take individuals on an exquisite trip. Some of the appetizers that would be served are salmon tartare and brie fondant, teleporting couples on a trip across France.

As for the main dishes, people would have the chance to get a taste of a duck confit with bordelaise sauce, Icelandic cod roasted in miso sauce, or potato gnocchi served with a special truffle cream sauce. For the people with a sweet tooth, there is a decadent dessert about to take their breath away. The renowned chocolate mousse introduced along crème Chantilly might be the star of the show.