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Montreal Player Secures CA$390,000 Per Year for the Rest of His Life

Loto-Québec recently revealed one of its many fortunate lottery players who managed to win a combo jackpot that has the potential to change his life forever. Léonce Simard managed to win two of the grand prizes coming with the Grande Vie lottery ticket. He bagged CA$1,000 per day for life, along with a second prize of CA$25,000 per year for life.

Winning the lottery twice in a lifetime is already a special event that has changed the lives of some people around the globe. Winning it twice in the same day is something very few individuals could brag about. One of them is the Montrealer who has Loto-Québec to thank for the easy and carefree life he is about to have from here on out.

Two Tickets

Grande Vie is among the most popular lottery tickets offered in Quebec, as it brings great chances of winning big and having a great life without any cares. Many individuals purchase the CA$3 tickets in the hopes of bagging one of the great prizes.

The odds of winning one of the prizes available is 1 in 6.8, whereas those of bagging the grand prize are 1 in 13,348,188. Mr. Simard managed to have both on his side and bag both the first and the second-best prize coming with this lottery game. September 7 will forever remain a special day for him, as this is when the Grande Vie draw took place. The numbers drawn during this draw were 01, 06, 11, 14, and 16. The so-called Grand Number was 4.

The Montreal lottery enthusiast managed to match all numbers listed and this made him eligible for two prizes. For matching the five numbers plus the grand number he won CA$1,000 a day for life. For matching just the five numbers drawn he became eligible for the CA$25,000 a year for life prize. This great combo will have him set for life.

Great Prizes

The way he did this was with the help of two similar lottery tickets. He filled both of them with the same numbers which eventually matched the numbers drawn during the regular Monday draw. All numbers used have a special significance for him and they brought him a good fortune at the end of the draw.

The two lottery tickets he purchased managed to secure him some CA$390,000 per year for the rest of his life and this substantial sum could be used for all his plans and dreams. As soon as the draw came to an end and the winner of the two prizes was identified by the system, Loto-Québec contacted him with the good news.

Mr. Simard then had to make his way to the payment center in Montreal, in order to bag his prize. The winner of the two prizes could not believe his luck and the news he was hearing. He said that he wanted to take his time and evaluate the situation before he makes any moves.