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Beauport Welcomes Loto-Québec VLTs in 2021

Loto-Québec recently announced the relocation of its gaming hall located in Quebec City. The gambling hotspot located in Vanier district is about to move to its new home in Beauport late next year. Projections are that this could happen around the end of November 2021 and intrigue a new crowd of individuals seeking the thrill of in-person gaming.

For quite a while, the conversation regarding the relocation of the gaming hall overseen by the Crown corporation has been in progress. Pros and cons related to it have been evaluated, as well as their impact down the road. The distance between the two spots is about 10 kilometers which would guarantee a whole new audience of players to the gaming hall.

Gaming Hall Relocation

Loto-Québec took its time to evaluate the situation involving the moving of the gaming hall and it also took into account a previous study conducted by KPMG. It evaluated the potential impact this gaming hall could have on the new area it is relocated to and the conclusion it came to was that the overall influence will be a positive one.

This new location in Beauport is set to have a positive impact on the demographic of people making their way into the hotspot, as vulnerable individuals would not be as likely to enter. This was among the main recommendations of the finished study around the projected impact. Loto-Québec further clarified that this move could improve the social acceptability of the gaming hall bringing various gambling machines and premium products to the table.

Some of the main points of the impact study were linked to the influence these new gaming offerings would have on the Charlevoix region along with the overall economic influence on Quebec City. The relocation has been considered for a couple of years and the idea has managed to stir the pot on a local level in the past.

Projected Impact

Salon the Jeux has been known as a gaming location welcoming people from near and far, offering them a limited range of gaming opportunities. Back in 2018, Coalition Avenir Québec commenced a conversation around its expansion and transformation into a well-rounded casino location. In the 2017-2018 period, some 34 percent of the individuals traveling to the area do so just because they wanted to gamble at Casino de Charlevoix.

At the moment, the gaming hall is located in the Fleur de Lys shopping center, making it easily accessible by people in the region. Following the relocation planned for the last months of 2021, the new gaming hall is going to be located in the Mega Centre Beauport. Once again, the location is going to be a premium one, as in the past this is where the former Future Shop used to be located and operating.

The lease inked covers a total of five years of gaming operation at Beauport. The Crown corporation also pointed out that estimations are still in progress, but at this point, the relocation could cost around CA$9 million. Some 335 video lottery terminals are about to see new players interact with them.