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Caesars Windsor Could Reopen at 6-Pct. Occupancy

Caesars Windsor is currently seeking ways in which it could reopen safely and still take into account all health protocols coming with Stage 3 of the business reopening plan in Ontario. Unifor local 444 President Dave Cassidy recently unveiled that Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is pondering with the idea of introducing special pods within the casino area of the hotspot.

Each of these pods will allow up to 50 individuals to enter and gamble for as long as they feel like. This could facilitate the entrance of up to 600 individuals at a time on the premises of the casino venue. This number would be a significant improvement in the current maximum allowed indoors.

Pods Could Welcome up to 600 Players

It could be recalled that mid-July, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation made it clear that a casino reopening across the province will have to happen in a gradual manner. All types of gaming hotspots will be allowed to welcome up to 50 individuals at a time, reducing significantly the number of people. Table gaming will not be available during the first phase of the casino reopening plan in Ontario.

Casino operator overseeing gaming halls and casino venues within the borders of the province expressed their discontentment with the way things go, as this limited number of individuals allowed to enter and gamble would not be a sustainable approach for the casino operation. The gaming revenue they generate has been estimated insufficient for the sustainable casino operation and a hypothetical reopening could end up doing more harm than good.

This is the reason why they have been working in close partnership with the provincial government on ways they could relaunch safe in-person gaming and still meet the expectations. One of the approaches considered at the moment is the aforementioned pods placed at the casino venue of Caesars Windsor. The labor union President revealed more about this suggestion.

Waiting Game

Each pod could welcome up to 50 individuals at a time, allowing them to gamble in the safest manner, they will still have to respect all safety protocols mandated by the casino venue. Caesars Windsor could fit up to 12 of these pods, ultimately welcoming up to 600 individuals at a time. It should be taken into account that the casino venue is designed in a way that handles up to 10,000 players.

To put things into perspective, pods could guarantee a six-percent occupancy, a percentage that would not be achieved without them. This week is an important one for the Windsor-Essex region, as this was the last region of Ontario to receive a green light to enter Stage 3. Casino venues and charitable gaming halls now have a green light to relaunch operation.

Scott Jenkins, Director of Advertising at Ceasars Windsor, stated that casino management is working on its ideas. Both medical and government authorities have to give their nod for them to be introduced at the casino floor. Upcoming weeks are projected to see more development on the subject, as well as the potential reopening of Caesars Windsor.