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Caesars Windsor Supports Caregivers Mental Health

Caesars Casino Windsor is ready to support the local community in various ways, one of which is being closer to the people. The latest announcement comes from the Hospice of Windsor and Essex Country, as it has greenlighted a new Social Prescription Program. The collaboration between the gaming resort and the hospice aims to improve mental health in the region.

Making sure that people work on their mental health on a regular basis is essential for every individual, just like going to the gym is good for the body. When it comes to a specific workplace, it could affect one’s ability to perceive reality in an adequate manner. Individuals have to take their time and recuperate from the everyday stress and the things they have gone through.

Social Activities for Mental Health

This is especially true for the people working at the Hospice of Windsor and Essex County. The social workers calling this location their workplace have previously stated that there is a certain level of stress and mental fatigue coming with the everyday workload they have to deal with. People in worsened health need protection and care, but so are the individuals taking care of them.

The specific of the work could take their toll on one’s mental health, which is why the hospice has been working on this project for quite a while, in order to make it happen. The Social Prescription Program has been powered by the Caesars Casino Windsor, striving to see improvement in the long run. The new program plays with the notion of prescriptions and prescribing a certain therapy or medicine.

In this case, however, the program is about to prescribe its patients special social activities that could make their life more entertaining and release the stress they have accumulated. Some of the activities that could be prescribed are going to a concert at the local Windsor Symphony Orchestra, get a membership at the YMCA’s gym, or pay a visit to the Art Gallery of Windsor.

Special Presciprions Issued

These are all activities that stimulate the brain both by being new experiences and by training it to think outside of the box. The casino resort donated some CA$5,000 to the initiative, which would be of substantial help for the local caregivers. It should be taken into account that the program is a common one in the UK, as well as in other Canadian provinces.

This spring is projected to see 150 families involved with the special program targeting their mental health improvement down the road. Some of the individual participating in it, such as the caregiver who discovered that the gym could actually improve her mental health, as well as physical, have already experienced the benefits of it. It could be recalled that the Windsor Gaming Bundle was recently added to Ontario’s modernization process.

This means that Windsor Casino might see a new casino developer take over control in the upcoming decade. Caesars Entertainment Windsor saw its existing contract for operation renewed for three more years, but past that point, a new player might enter the field. This could mean an entirely new approach to gaming and products introduced on the casino floor, making Windsor a preferred gaming destination.