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Caesars Windsor Enters Ontario Casino Modernization Process

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is ready to introduce innovation and gaming expansion to a new area of Ontario. This would happen with the addition of the Windsor Gaming Bundle to the overall modernization process that has been in progress over the past couple of years. This means that Windsor Casino might see a new casino developer take over control in the upcoming decade.

Keeping things as fresh as possible and introducing new ideas to the local gambling field is essential for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, as this maintains the field relevant. It is also a way for fair competition to be boosted, as new players enter the field and share their long-term ideas for development. Ontario has been undergoing a modernization process when it comes to its gambling field.

New Casino Management

Ontario’s lottery Crown corporation is ready to make a move in a new direction and possibly introduce a new player down the road. This would happen through the addition of Windsor Gaming Bundle to the overall casino modernization project. Stephen Rigby, OLG’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated that this move would ensure that the region remains competitive.

It is an essential condition for Windsor Casino, as its proximity to the border makes it a direct rival to US-based casino locations. They already feature legal in-person sports wagering, making them an attractive location for Canadians flocking south. Weekend getaways have become increasingly popular among individuals hailing from the Great White North since it makes it possible for them to enjoy diverse gambling currently unable in their home country.

Caesars Entertainment Windsor saw its existing contract for operation renewed for three more years, but past that point, a new player might enter the field. The new management is projected to bring a new approach to local gaming and potentially work in an ever-changing gaming environment for a brighter future.

OLG Modernization Process

Over the upcoming three years, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is about to seek a new casino operator via a reliable procurement process. Once a company has been highlighted as the successor to Caesars Entertainment Windsor, the year 2023 would see a smooth transition guaranteed by the Crown corporation. This would include staff protection making sure that there are no layouts.

There is also the possibility that Caesars Entertainment Windsor also participated in the bidding process down the road. Over the fall months of 2020, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is about to issue its Request for Pre-Qualification that would move forward the process. In the meantime, Caesars Windsor is preparing for Eldorado Resorts taking over control of its management this year.

In the summer of 2019 through a cash-and-stock arrangement reaching US$17.3 billion Eldorado Resorts purchased Caesars Entertainment, essentially creating the world’s largest casino operator in a swift move. This merger would see Eldorado Resorts take control over the joint company with influence over a vast array of markets, Canada being one of them. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Tony Bitonti stated that everyday operation would continue without major changes introduced to it.