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OLG Grants Windsor CA$2,169,255 for Stellar Casino Performance in Q4 2018

Casino venues bring many benefits to their host communities both with heir attractiveness and entertainment potential and with the regular allocations they have to submit to the city coffers. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is known for its quarterly payments to host communities of gambling facilities. The end of March put an end to fiscal 2018, meaning that regular non-tax allocations were in order.

Windsor is among the communities benefitting the most from its casino venue. Caesars Windsor enjoys wide popularity among both Canadian players and international casino patrons. This is one of the main reasons for the hefty cheque that was welcomed by the City of Windsor. The most recent amount of cash bagged by the local coffers reached CA$2,169,255. OLG has been able to support Windsor for many years now with millions of Canadian dollars in support of various projects.

Casinos Support Locals

The past twelve months have been especially successful for the gambling facility managed by Caesars Entertainment, something evident by the overall amount of cash bagged by Windsor’s city coffers. Between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019 the city was able to receive some CA$9,173,168 that would later be invested in a wide variety of projects and beautification work around Windsor.

Belleville was another city that was fortunate enough to welcome a quarterly payment from Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. At the end of the last quarter for fiscal 2018 this amount reached CA$786,261. Shorelines Casino Belleville overseen by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is responsible for the gaming revenue allocation. Thanks to this operation the city saw the final payment for fiscal 2018.

All in all, some CA$3,245,401 would soon be reinvested in the community. Even though Belleville has gambling since the beginning of 2017, so far it was able to see more than CA$6.7 million in cash allocations. Peterborough was another community benefitting from casino operation, as it received CA$743,297 for its successful gambling offerings.

OLG Aims to Improve Ontario Communities

Shorelines Casino Peterborough launched operation mid-October and succeeded in boosting the city. There have been concerns that its launch has affected local businesses such as restaurants, evident by the recently announced closure of The Carousel restaurant with a 50-year history. Over the last twelve months, the city has seen some CA$1,448,903. Shoreline Slots at Kawartha Downs in Fraserville were also praised.

The allocation to Cavan Monaghan Township they guaranteed reached CA$81,059 over the past three months of gaming operation. It could be recalled that the location was temporarily closed for renovation over the fall months. Gateway Casinos Point Edward is yet another casino facility that has enjoyed the attention of many players. The recent allocation it bagged amounted to CA$580,353, adding up to the overall CA$2.5 million generated over the entire fiscal year.

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment is the largest gambling operator in Canada, meaning that it oversees casino facilities across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Gateway Casinos Dresden is among the successful venues that generated CA$210,096 in nontax gaming revenue sent straight to the Chatham-Kent city coffers. As for fiscal 2018, the community was boosted by a total of CA$884,638.