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Thornhill, Ont. Resident now CA$70m Richer

Lotto MAX is once again making the news with its swelling Main prize that recently reached its cap – CA$70,000,000. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation made it clear that a ticket sold in Thornhill is now eligible for the entire prize coming with the most recent draw. The ticket might belong to a single lottery fan or a group of friends or coworkers.


For quite a while, all eyes have been set on the popular Lotto MAX lottery offering available for everyone to enjoy. The draw-based game has not been conquered by a single ticket for weeks now and its Main prize managed to swell to its maximum amount and remain untouched. That was before the July 31 draw.

Lotto MAX Main Prize

Lotto MAX had its most recent draw this Friday and people purchasing a ticket for participation in it have all been ready to grab the Main prize or at least a portion of it. Some individuals purchase lottery tickets religiously and they often use the same set of numbers in each and every one of them. For some these numbers carry a special significance, hoping to make their dreams come true.

The numbers drawn during this most recent Lotto MAX draw were 8, 16, 19, 22, 28, 31, 38, as well as the bonus one 25. One ticket currently has all seven of the needed numbers for the big prize printed on it and a lucky player is in the possession of the piece of paper. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation works with a system making it possible for all mistakes to be eliminated.

Soon after the end of the draw, the Crown corporation made it clear that there is a winning ticket highlighted by the system and it has been purchased in Ontario ahead of the July 31 draw. Soon after that, the specific area of purchase has been highlighted, narrowing it to the Thornhill area.


Individuals hailing from the area are now advised to check their bags, pockets, and drawers around the house for any misplaced lottery tickets that might end up changing their life for good. Lottery winners often miss their chance to bag the prize because they have lost the ticket and aren’t even sure if those are the numbers they had chosen. In order to eliminate this unfortunate scenario, lottery fans should keep their tickets safe.

Whoever is in possession of the winning ticket has a total of 52 weeks or twelve months to contact Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and claim their prize. Along with the grand winner, there are also five winning tickets eligible for a cash payout of CA$119,105.10 each. In addition to those payouts, the Lotto MAX draw brought many Maxmillions prizes.

One of them was claimed by a ticket with the number combination 01 04 05 06 10 12 31 printed on it. The Encore draw was also generous, as it saw two tickets with the numbers 809781 become eligible for a cash payout of CA$100,000 each.