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Parking Lot Bingo Electrifies Windsor Community

Windsor residents eager to play some bingo now have the chance to do so in a safe manner with the help of the brand new idea All Star Gaming Center came up with. Parking Lot Bingo is the brand new gaming opportunity in the region allowing players to play bingo while maintaining physical distancing. About 450 individuals made their way to this gaming hotspot on Saturday.

The thrill of traditional bingo gaming is something many individuals could easily recognize, as the pastime activity has attracted them in one way or another. Ever since mid-March, in-person bingo gaming and all sorts of gambling are prohibited across the Canadian provinces. Individuals interested in bingo gaming have only online, where electronic bingo gaming is allowed.

Bingo Gaming

Tony Rosa, President of Community Gaming and Entertainment Group, stated that something had to happen, as people needed a gaming event to look forward to during these trying times. Windsor locals can now enjoy this brand new gaming opportunity and possibly win big as a result of it. All they have to do is make their way to Walker Road and Ottawa Street where the bingo bonanza is taking place.

The spacious parking lot adjacent to the gaming center is the place to be if you are a bingo enthusiast. People organizing it were inspired by the popular drive-in cinema idea, in which people remain in the enclosed space of a vehicle while also participating in a social activity such as movie watching. Now the idea has been transformed into something even more social, such as bingo gaming.

Like-minded individuals were interested to see what Parking Lot Bingo is all about, once the official announcement of this new gaming event was issued. Community Gaming and Entertainment Group oversees charitable gaming along with bingo halls across Windsor, as well as the town of Tecumseh.

Drive-In Bingo

July 11 saw the second edition of this new gaming congregation, bringing excitement to many locals. About 450 individuals with their cars made their way to the All Star Gaming Center for the special new Parking Lot Bingo event. They purchased their bingo cards and listened carefully to the caller broadcast directly in their cars. Just like drive-in cinema, an FM frequency was broadcasting the bingo action do that they can hear it loud and clear.

Organizers promoted this new event via email and on social media and they were worried that a ton of people might show up on Saturday. The feedback following this event was spectacular which gives the organizers the strength to host s third one as well. As many as 80 local charitable organizations will get the chance to benefit from the gaming revenue generated during this special event.

Those organizations have struggled over the past four months, as there was no charitable gaming across Windsor. Players participating in the gaming action had to honk their horn, instead of yelling Bingo, thus alerting the attendants that Lady Fortuna is on their side.