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July 9 Greenlights Casinos, Bingo Halls in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan gaming scene is ready for the official relaunch of its in-person gaming offerings this Thursday. The day is a special one, as it is projected to see the return of live casino offerings, bingo gaming. Many charitable organizations relying on gaming revenue are also projected to benefit from the upcoming return of live gaming events.

July 9 is expected to see the official return of casino gaming across the province of Saskatchewan. The next phase of the reopening plan includes casino venues and gambling halls across the province and officials have evaluated the risk associated with this reopening. Venues across the area have been closed ever since mid-March when the government mandated that they close for business indefinitely.

Casino Reopening

Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw are about to welcome their first casino patrons in nearly four months and this hiatus has taken their toll on them. The reopening phase has commenced and it is time for a change. However, it should be taken into account that every casino venue and gambling hall comes with its unique layout and floor plan. They require specific safety measures to be implemented.

Casino venues reopening on July 9 are going to bring a reduced number of slot machines available for players to gamble on. This is going to promote physical distancing and make it easier for players to avoid congregations of people and taking unwanted risks while playing. During these initial working weeks, the casino venues across Saskatchewan would not be offering table games, as those often bring many people very close while they enjoy the game.

Players interested in gambling in-person should also be ready for screening upon entering the casino venue or bingo hall, as this would protect other players, as well as casino staff members. Shanna Schulhauser with the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation had some information to share in relation to the policies implemented by the casino venues.

Casino Regina and Moose Jaw

She stated that patrons could wear masks on the premises of the enclosed casino venues, if they wish to and if they would feel safer this way. In addition to that, people could also wear gloves while they are gaming on the slot machines available. They should also be aware of the reduction in work hours at the two casino locations.

Casino Regina is going to work between 9 a.m. to 4 a.m. whereas Casino Moose Jaw will be able to welcome patrons between 9 a.m. and 2 a.m. The frequent sanitizing is going to take place once every two hours, in order to give casino patrons peace of mind. This would include the cleaning of slot machines, elevator buttons, as well as railings.

Casino Regina is also going to limit the number of people making their way in. Up to 250 individuals at a time will be allowed to be on the premises of the casino hotspot. In the meantime, Casino Moose Jaw will allow up to 50 people at all times.