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Saskatchewan Could Soon Cash In on Gaming Events Financing Local Projects

Saskatchewan is looking for new inventive ways in which it could fund local projects and gambling could be a winning approach to this situation. This week saw the 2019 Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association Convention dedicating four days to discussing various topics related to the communities. The Town of Gravelbourg proposed taking advantage of gaming events and using them for funding various projects across the communities in the province, an established model in Alberta.

Gaming offerings and the revenue they are able to generate in the long run has always had a certain magnetism to it, as throughout the years lawmakers have introduced the offering as a way of funding the community. With the help of regular allocations, a casino venue could become a sustainable source of funds for any given host community and boost its development. But this is not the only way a casino venue could aid a community, as there is also the direct funding of local projects and beautification work done by charitable groups.

Local Project Often Call for Generous Funding

February 3 saw the official start of SUMA, providing municipal representatives with the chance to talk about important topics, funding of local projects being among them. Gaming events generating funds for various infrastructure improvements. They would not only amass cash for these community projects but also offset the overall cost, which would also be beneficial to the area.

Supporters of this idea were present and vocal about it, eventually passing the motion that could propel ahead the process. With its help, the association would now propose amendments to the existing set of regulations overseeing the gaming field that could bring the change in the foreseeable future. It should be taken into account that up until this point the province has strictly prohibited amassing revenue via gaming events.

Those could be bingo nights, 50-50 draws, or poker tournaments and these are some of the considered options at the moment. Supporters of the idea provided arguments in support of the amendments, pointing out that tax hikes should be avoided as a rule of thumb and gaming events could provide the needed boost. Charitable groups will have to obtain licensing for hosting the said events, which would be issued by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Saskatchewan Follows Alberta’s Example

Leanne McCormick, Chief Administrative Officer with the Village of Marcelin used the tribune to state that local projects are in need of funding at the moment, but the community is unable to handle it. There are some 150 individuals residing in the village, while in the meantime the area is in need of better water supply. This could be accomplished via removing ammonia from the supply, a project that could cost up to CA$12,000.

This amount of money could be amassed via gambling events sprinkled across the upcoming months. Meath Park Mayor Michael Hydamacka added that the community is also seeking ways in which it could fund the upgrade of the water distribution system. Similar gaming model already exists in Alberta, where charity organizations host events that are able to amass tens of thousands of Canadian dollars.

For reference, Edmonton, Alberta players could pour in up to CA$75,777. This year Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis gave green light to a gambling model revamp that could last several years, seeking update and improvements.