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Atlantic Lottery Corporation Warns about Offshore Gaming Platforms

Atlantic Lottery Corporation is seeking ways in which it could improve the regional online gaming field and everything exciting up for grabs. An estimation issued recently shows that about CA$100 million in annual gaming revenue goes to offshore gaming webpages, as Canadians feel more driven to their offerings. Some changes will have to be implemented going forward.

For quite a while, the Crown corporation has been working on the improvement of online gaming in Atlantic Canada. Introducing new offerings and making this pastime activity more attractive for a wider audience is the way to go for Atlantic Lottery Corporation, as this would make it possible for less gaming revenue to leave the country in the future.

CA$100 Million Lost per Year

Chris Keevill, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, made it clear that the Crown corporation is striving to eliminate unregulated gaming in the region but this is quite the task to accomplish as of now. Canadian players are often drawn to the offshore online gaming offerings, as they bring a more diverse portfolio to the table. Moreover, single-event sports wagering is also possible via unregulated platforms.

For the time being, Canada has now legalized this form of placing wagers that is preferred around the globe. The US has also greenlighted this gaming offering and many states have worked on their own set of rules regulating the gaming field. Canada remains behind when it comes to wagering on sports events, as it offers only pari-mutuel betting on live events.

Experts have previously stated that this puts the gaming field in a less favorable position. The past more than three months have also taken their toll on the gaming field of Canada in general, as well as across Atlantic Canada. Mr. Keevill stated the offshore gaming websites took the opportunity to fortify their offerings and attract even more individuals seeking online gaming offerings.

Online Gaming Imrpoved

The Chief Executive Officer stated that estimations at this point of the lockdown have shown that there is a 20-percent increase of the people gambling online on offshore platforms. In order to reduce the upwards of CA$100 million annual revenue loss, the Crown corporation is now working towards improving its own online platform and focusing more on this segment of its operation. The future is in online gaming, as the President puts it.

This is one of the reasons why Atlantic Lottery Corporation recently revealed a nine-percent reduction in the number of employees. A total of 61 individuals were laid off last week. Most of the individuals are based in New Brunswick, but there are also some hailing from Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Prince Edward Island.

Mr. Keevill pointed out that the past few months have seen more improvements introduced to the digital platform powered by Atlantic Lottery Corporation. The direction it will develop in is online gaming diversifying and all the benefits coming with this. The competition of unregulated websites is tough but the Crown corporation is determined to make this shift work.