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New Chief Executive Officer, President is Breath of Fresh Air for ALC

Atlantic Lottery Corporation recently revealed its new Chief Executive Officer and President that would oversee the Crown corporation’s development in the upcoming years. Chris Keevill is about to be the breath of fresh air Atlantic Lottery Corporation needs right now possibly increasing the popularity of its offerings immensely. He is going to become part of the lottery corporation at the beginning of May.

Innovation is what drives forward a given gambling company and bringing new ideas is the way to go in an ever-changing gaming world. Atlantic Lottery Corporation wants to live up to the expectations of its players and the communities relying on it for premium gambling offerings, which is why it has opted for a new Chief Executive Officer that could introduce this change.

Chris Keevill New CEO

It could be recalled that back in the fall of 2019, it was announced that Brent Scrimshaw is planning his retirement as Chief Executive Officer of the Crown corporation. He has occupied the position ever since November 2011 and 13 years of work in this leading position would have to come to an end this spring.

It should be taken into account that Mr. Scrimshaw has been an integral part of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation ever since August 2006. Now it is time for something new, as Mr. Keevill confirmed he is about to take over the leading role. He has more than two decades of experience in the marketing, digital transformation, and media spheres, which have generated quite the experience.

The ability to face issues and cope with them in a professional manner is what has made him a good match for the Chief Executive Officer’s position. May 1 is about to be the first day of his work with the Crown corporation. He recently pointed out that getting this position is an honor to him, as the Atlantic Lottery Corporation should continue its agenda of attracting more players to its products, bringing new gaming offerings on a regular basis, and more.

New Ideas Introduced

It should also be taken into account that the Crown corporation is constantly supporting the host communities of gambling venues, as well as various charitable organizations. The year 2019 witnessed some CA$18.3 million allocated to the Prince Edward Island region, all powered by gambling operation in its various forms.

For the fourth consecutive year, the lottery corporation witnessed surging profit, this year amounting to CA$422.2 million. When it comes to the Canadian provinces it oversees, Atlantic Lottery Corporation allocated some CA$136.6 million to Nova Scotia, CA$135.4 million to Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as CA$130 million to New Brunswick.

Mr. Keevill recognizes the efforts in this direction and solidifies his position that this support would continue in the upcoming years with a possible increase. At the moment, Mr. Keevill is a Chief Executive Officer of Colour, a creative digital agency with operation in Halifax, Toronto, and New York. It should be noted that he has first been introduced to the team in 2002.