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Some of the Most Incredible Lottery Windfall Stories in 2018 Featured Canadians

Some of the most exciting stories people love to listen to are those of large jackpot winners and the way they found out about the windfall. Unbelievable stories filled 2018 and once again brought regular people to a state of amazement with their incredible turn of events. Casino Reports’ team has gathered some of the most fascinating lottery winning stories, which transformed Canadians’ lives in the past twelve months.

The year began with a bang for one young girl who wanted to try her luck with the help of a lottery ticket. Charlie Lagarde was about to celebrate her 18th birthday on March 14 and this called for a spectacular celebration.

In order to mark the significant date in the calendar, she made her first-ever purchase of a lottery ticket, marking the important milestone. As it turned out, Lady Luck smiled on her and her entrance into adulthood was truly one of a kind.

Generous Payouts Could Bring People Together…

Loto Quebec provided the winning ticket and once Mrs. Lagarde found out it is about to guarantee her wellbeing for the rest of her life her entire day changed. Upon finding out she won, she had to make a crucial choice defining the upcoming years – to receive CA$1,000 per week for the rest of her life, or to bag CA$1 million on the spot. She took her time to consider the situation and eventually chose to receive CA$1,000 per week, as it is not taxed.

Another more than curious large jackpot winning happened in February and curiously enough changed the lives of as many as 31 individuals. The CA$60-million jackpot coming to winners of the Lotto MAX lottery game was divided among the 31 coworkers of the Come By Chance refinery.

Among them were a husband and wife, twin brothers, as well as a father and son, all ready to bag a fair share of the overall jackpot. Some of the winners decided this is the best time to take a well-deserved break and retire, now that they are CA$1.9-million richer.

The group play also marked the biggest ever Atlantic Lottery Corporation’s jackpot. Speaking of group winnings, two childhood friends veterans in the lottery purchases and participation in lottery games saw a grand windfall this November. The Nanaimo, British Columbia residents John Prpich and David Dubbin claimed a total of CA$19,813,34.10 thanks to the Lotto 6/49.

For the past 30 years they had been purchasing lottery tickets on the regular and at last, the jackpot found them. Mr. Dubbin plans to take time for his golf hobby, whereas Mr. Prpich is going to travel to some exotic locations with his wife.

… But Sometimes it Could Push Them Apart

When it comes to dividing the big prize, it is not always this easy, as two relatives from Nova Scotia could confirm. Barbara Reddick and her nephew Tyrone MacInnis won Chase the Ace’s jackpot of CA$1.2 million. Upon claiming their novelty check, Ms. Reddick stated there was never an agreement that they will split the cash.

She put her nephew’s name on the ticket for good luck, but this did not mean he is eligible for half of the prize. She went so far as to take matters to court and as a result, an agreement was reached. According to it, Mrs. Reddick bagged ¾ of the entire jackpot, eventually winning CA$872,639, whereas Mr. MacInnis received CA$350,000. In the meantime, another lottery player grabbed the jackpot twice in a matter of five months.

Melhig Mehlig, an African immigrant who arrived in Winnipeg two years ago won a total of CA$3.5 million thanks to the Scratch ‘n Win ticket. Thanks to his first prize he purchased a home for his wife and children, whereas the second one facilitated his plans of becoming a business owner.

This year is going to go down in history as a special one for those winners, many of them with extraordinary stories and now it is only a matter of time before we see more lottery windfall in 2019.