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Century Downs Racetrack & Casino Launches Live Racing

Century Downs Racetrack & Casino is ready for the new phase of its operation, as the popular racetrack recently returned to its normal pace of work. This week greenlighted the 2020 racing season on the premises of the popular racetrack. Following a three-month hiatus, the region is ready for live racing to recommence and the horse people could not be more excited.

David Kelly is a local who is taking care of the racehorse training, but he is also an owner and a driver. He recently revealed more information regarding the past three months of horse racing hiatus in Calgary. Mr. Kelly stated that the lack of races and the overall lockdown have had a devastating impact on the local horse racing industry.

Live Racing

Financial struggles have worsened during that time, as purses receive no fuel. Racing fans have nothing to place their wagers on and subsequently, the field remains unsupported for a longer period of time. Takin care of a racehorse involves daily training and many additional expenses that are often beyond the horse people’s own financial resources. They need this interaction with the people who love this sport.

Mr. Kelly stated that the past three months have seen daily light training and grooming, as the horses need constant care, but there was nothing to prepare for. When all is said and done, it was like a vicious circle that did not see to lead to anything in particular. The situation itself was a rather confusing one, as horses had to be kept in good shape, while no live schedule was revealed.

Now it is time for the official return of live horse racing in Alberta, following weeks of no events. The 2020 live racing season was greenlighted at the 5 1/2-furlong track near Calgary. Horse people have expressed their contentment with the way things go at the moment. The official return of live horse racing is about to provide a boost for the field.

Official Return

Paul Ryneveld, managing director of Century Downs and Edmonton’s Century Mile, also made it clear that the regional horse racing is on the path of success now that live events have returned. The first days following the announcement of the province-wide lockdown were rather confusing, as the horse people were uncertain what to do.

At the end of the day, taking care of the horses and stabling them was essential which was what the horse people did. This ensured that the horses will have the opportunity to train on a daily basis and be prepared for the eventual launch of live events on the premises of Century Downs Racetrack. Mr. Kelly also pointed out that the hiatus has taken its toll on the horse people.

The local field is expected to need several months to get back on its feet and see positive results when it comes to the purses. It should be noted that some of the horse people were quick to relocate to Ontario, once the province announced it is preparing for a June launch of live horse racing.