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Northlands Park Draws Hundreds of Enthusiasts to Epic Auction Down Memory Lane

Northlands Park transformed Saturday into a special day for many people in the Edmonton area with the help of its special auction that had on offer some marvelous pieces of history along with useful additions to any household or business in the region. Hundreds of enthusiasts made their way to the venue where the Epic Northlands Racetrack and Casino Restaurant & Assets Auction took place and laid hands on priceless possessions with often times high value for anyone acquainted with the horse racing field.

The nostalgia factor is a factor that could determine a wide array of choices in one’s life, as well as a person’s general direction of development. In this sense, the element of nostalgia and the good ol’ days was among the main incentives for people to make their way to the special auction that aims to sell precious objects from the racetrack, as well as objects that have witnessed a lot on site to the highest bidder.

Auction Attracts Participants from Neighboring Provinces

The thrill of bidding was intertwined with the excitement of bagging a piece with historical value. All objects that were prepared for auction were sold over the span of the day and people were eager to obtain one of them ever since organizers of the event announced it. Northlands Racing and Gaming Director Scott Sinclair said that nostalgia factor caught up with the management as well while they were working on the event.

This added up to the realization that the end of an era is upon us and Northlands Park is never going to welcome such a cheerful crowd. As many as 4,100 objects were included in the bidding process, a feat that had individuals from Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan express interest and request more information on the auction process. People who have been regular attendees of live horse races and have been supporting the racecourse for decades were present for the auction, as they wanted to be the proud owners of a piece of history.

In addition to object, organizers also included about CA$50,000 worth of alcohol. Anyone interested had the chance to participate in the auction both in the brick-and-mortar facility at 7410 Borden Park Road Northwest, in the vicinity of Edmonton City Dairy and online for even easier access. This attracted an even broader range of participants, diversifying the auction.

Vision 2020 Mandates Relocation

The thing that made the auction really stand out was the fact that the famous kitchen of Northlands Park was also up for sale and people were eager to get their hands on the bargains offered. According to projections, hundreds of thousands of Canadian dollars have already been bagged by the organizers of the event.

Anyone interested in obtaining something truly memorable has the chance to do so online, as the auction there continues until Tuesday evening. The ultimate goal of this auction was to leave the building empty and ready for the upcoming demolition that would transform the area into outdoors festival grounds. This would align with the existing Vision 2020 project for redevelopment.

Gaming and racing would continue existing in Edmonton and relaunch very soon at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino, which is currently under construction in the vicinity of Edmonton International Airport. Century Casinos, the casino operator managing Century Downs Racetrack and Casino in Calgary, would oversee the new location. The new racetrack is currently under construction, as developers are striving to welcome first racing enthusiasts in April 2019.