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Cascades Casino Delta Comes with More than 500 Trees

Delta officials recently gave their approval to planned tree removal on the premises of the upcoming Cascades Casino Delta which would make it possible for the project to enter its next phase. As many as 45 trees growing on the site would have to be removed, but the council ensures that this would result in the planting of 225 new trees.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is working on the construction of a brand new casino complex that is expected to welcome individuals from near and far with its diverse gaming offerings. Ever since the beginning of this year, an arborist has been working in close collaboration with the casino operator, in order to guarantee the final result would look just like the plans.

Tree Removal

The expert made it clear that there are some trees that will have to be removed after a windstorm that occurred in December 2019. Some of the trees that will soon be removed are several Lombardy Poplar trees, as well as Scots Pine and Weeping Willow trees. They are located on the west property line.

In the original development plans, the casino operator intended to keep those trees, but following the reevaluation, they will have to be removed. The expert evaluation came to the conclusion that the trees might pose a threat to the people frequenting the casino complex in the future. The arborist taking care of it stated that there was a structural root decay and some of them were in poor condition, to begin with.

However, the plan for action includes the planting of 225 new trees that are going to replace the removed ones in a 5:1 ration. As a result of this latest decision, the overall number of trees that will be growing on the premises of the casino complex reached a total of 507. The new trees will be a breath of fresh air to the area, while also eliminating any threat to the people.

225 New Trees Will be Planted

BC Plant Health Care Inc. also had the task to look into the subject and provide an alternative view on the subject. As a result of it, there was a recommendation that an additional 21 trees also need removal. However, for the time being, Gateway Casinos has not gave its nod to the removal of these trees as well.

During the recent Delta Council meeting, some opposing opinions were expressed. Coun. Jeannie Kanakos stated that the removal of trees was an unexpected part of the casino complex construction. She pointed out that some of the photos she saw during the construction process made it seem like the building the trench was intentionally trying to harm the trees in question. She even expressed her suspicions regarding the reports’ validity.

The casino project received approval for the location back in the fall months of 2018. Ever since then, the CA$70-million gaming project has been paving the way for a well-rounded casino complex to be opened. At the beginning of this year, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment made it clear that the casino complex would be finished by the end of 2021.