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B.C. Ministry Greenlights Cascades Casino Delta, Construction Starts Soon

One of the best ways to remain relevant and to meet players’ high expectations is via the introduction of new offerings and Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is planning to do this in Delta. Cascades Casino Delta is would soon become a reality in the area, as the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure gave its approval to the project. This was the final step of the approval process and brighter days are coming.

Delta is among the communities to see the construction and launch of a brand new casino venue managed by Gateway Casinos. The project is part of the modernization process that took over Ontario and British Columbia, as new and improved offerings were needed. Over the past several months, the town was seeking more information about the project and various mandatory steps had to be completed, in order to guarantee the construction of the new Cascades Casino Delta.

Ministry of Transportation Gives a Nod

The casino complex amounts to some CA$70 million, meaning that the community and neighboring towns are projected to find the location attractive enough with both gaming and family-friendly offerings. This is an important detail, as individuals are not obliged to gamble when they visit the premium dining areas of the new complex or the adjacent hotel building.

It is crucial for the new casino complex to bring diverse offerings and entertainment for all age groups and preferences. Driven by this idea, the new complex is going to feature the signature Match Eatery and Public House, Atlas Steak + Fish, and The Buffet. In addition to that, Cascades Casino is also going to bring a five-story hotel building for individuals out of town and tourists attracted by Delta’s entertainment potential.

The gaming venue itself is going to feature 500 slot machines, as well as a total of 24 table games, striving to cater to all needs and preferences. For the time being, the official opening of the casino venue is going to take place in 2020, but for the time being no official date has been pinpointed. The Ministry green light was up in the air for some time and this might have impacted the previously issued schedule.

Launch Would Take Place in 2020

It could be recalled that last Friday saw the start of demolition work on site, as the signature Delta Town and Country Inn has to be razed prior to the construction start and this would be a lengthy process. The hospitality complex has been in operation for the past more than 50 years and the razing signifies the end of an era for Delta but also the beginning of a new one.

Introducing gaming to this particular part of British Columbia is a milestone for the local gaming industry, especially after the money laundering allegations swirling around the province. Richmond was dubbed the hub of illegal money laundering activity with its River Rock Casino and its proximity to Delta is concerning to local officials. This is what prompted efforts towards making the new casino venue s cashless one.

Mayor George Harvie made a point prior to his election that he would fight for a gaming facility that does not accept cash payments whatsoever, potentially limiting the possibility of money laundering and dirty cash in Delta. He participated in a special delegation to Ottawa, where Delta officials presented their ideas and showcased the cashless casino venue potential which could transform the province.